I had a great weekend. Fun family stuff, a little me time at the salon, and even a date night. It was perfect, actually. Now, today, feels totally off.

My list for the week is full of good things. Gift wrapping, Ben’s holiday pageant, planning meals and snacks for the holiday. All fun things I should be excited about. I’m not. I feel blah, and like I want to sleep all day.

This pisses me off. I can do one of two things, lean in or push back. I have to push back! If I don’t it will get worse, every day. I have to write out exactly what to do each day this week and I have to DO IT no matter how I feel. It should be a good week, one full of anticipation and joy, not full of weighty bullshit going on in your head for no reason at all.

I have been really into the season, and I will keep going. I will keep moving until the feeling comes back. And it will, it always does, I just have to Go. And Keep Going.

So! I will watch my favorite holiday movies and I will wrap gifts and paint my nails an wear a dress and bake cookies and just keep going until it all feels whole and happy again. I know I am both of these things, I do, I just have to kick my self in the ass every few hours so I don’t forget.



4 thoughts on “Pre-Funk

  1. sounds like you need some girl time xoxox…are you available around early May, you can come down for a visit? I love you… it will get better.

  2. A few years ago, I wrote how it was hard to be the holiday elf. As much as I love the holidays, it’s hard to always be the one creating the cheer.

  3. I was totally tantrummy in my head last night. Yes, Christmas. This elfing business (heh) is so hard sometimes. You did it all beautifully though!

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