Hey!  I’m Christina, this is my life.

Mine is a story of girl who’s happily ever after had it’s own plans.  After growing up in Washington (state) I followed Mike to graduate school where we spent 6 years in North Carolina.  We’ve since settled in 2300 miles from home in the Suburbs of Columbus.   The House of Rock includes my Husband and our sons Nathan Riley and Benjamin Ryne.  Nate  joined the scene on October 6, 2007 and Ben on June 12, 2010. Since having the boys most things in my life have changed.  This is my outlet.

I write about decorating, shopping, parenting, cookies and just about anything that is on my mind.   I am always cleaning, planning, making lists, pulling weeds and falling down.   I love Domino, Indy rock, Thai food, TiVo, Windex, my dusty collection of high heels, chai tea and that my thighs are smaller post pregnancy (ehh, pregnancy the first, the 2nd? not so much).  I hate the karaoke, birds, knock offs, eggs, rodents as pets and Nascar.

I am not a great writer, I make plenty of typos and am a chronic over user of the comma.   Reading my blog is exactly what you’d get if you were sitting across the table from me.  I write like I talk.  In real life I am loud, make overly dramatic faces, have a flip top head and a slight southern twang.   Try as I might, I can’t quit the twang.  Don’t point it out, I will hit you.

Welcome to my corner of the web.  Feel free to laugh while I attempt to Rock the Suburbs.

@ Lake Eire~ 09/09

 Party of 3- August 2009

Party of 4- November 2010


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