11 things

I was tagged by a few people to do this so I figured I dust off the ole blog.

1. What’s your favorite kind of cheese? Brie, I think. I love cheese with fruit so brie is good. I also love dubliner, that’s good on it’s own or with olives and wine.

2. What are you excited about? This is a hard question today- the boys are out of school this week and I don’t do well with transition. But, Summer! We went to the pool this past weekend and I wasn’t obsessed with my thighs due to a shit ton of being hungry and following WW for the past few months, so I think Im excited about feeling like myself again. (even though Im just half way to my goal) Oh! And hopefully a Columbus friend weekend this summer, Im looking forward to that.

3.How did you celebrate your last birthday? I was 36 and I have absolutely no memory of my birthday whatsoever. Im fairly sure we had just returned from vacation a day or two prior, so maybe nothing? im sure there was food and booze though, lets be real.

4.What is on your bedside table? A lamp, phone, candle, a dish for jelwery/bobby pins, a stack of books (Pairs Street Style, Coco Chanel, An Intimate Life. The Gospel According to Coco Chanel (sort of obsessed with her right now) This months InStyle, hand and foot cream.

5.What do you order at the movie theater concession stand? Diet Coke, popcorn no-butter, junior mints.

6.Do you have a garden, what’s growing? Oh, yes, mostly weeds. I do have a few herb pots and some potted flowers on my front porch. I have a lot of work to do.

7.Any summer plans? I wish I could answer this… we have some up-in-the-air stuff right now. San Francisco is one, Chicago is another. Will it be one, both, neither? Hell if I know. I do know we will live at the pool. If you need me I’ll be floating. So never mind, go away.

8.Which TV couples are you rooting for? Lesley and Ben. Mostly because I really like Adam Scott. Amy and Sheldon, I was thinking maybe a real housewife couple but I can’t think of one that I like, at all… (I watch NY, OC and ATL)

9.Whats the last thing you bought? I ran some errands this morning while the boys were at school- swim clothes for all of the boys in the house, some summer clothes for the little’s, Tortillas and flowers for Ben’s teachers. The actual, technical answer is gas and a car wash.

10. What’s one thing Im passionate about? Making my marriage a priority. Obviously, when you have kids you become passionate about all of the kid things that ever did exist, that’s the “easy” part. We make to carve out time for just the two of us. We have a real date once a month and if you’re on instagram, well, we also like to drink. My boys are still small but one day (sooner than I’d like to admit) they will move out and it will be just the two of us again. I don’t want to live with a stranger or just be “room mates”  I still really dig the guy I married, and I want it to stay that way.

11.What am I grateful for this week? Im always grateful for my family and the roof over our heads and all that jazz. but Saturday? We were at Kroger and there was a Honey Baked Ham dude giving out samples and Y’all! Did you know they sell bacon? With ham spice sticky stuff on it? Im thankful for Bacon and that it is 1 point per slice.


So that’s the game. 11 questions.

Im having a lot of feelings about it being the last week of school, maybe I’ll be back to write about that soon? Ya never know!


2 thoughts on “11 things

  1. I love this post and I love having a new post from you to read even MORE.

    The marriage thing – yeah. I’m just starting to remember that HEY I like this guy, and more importantly that I should pay attention to him. Babies, man.

    Lastly thank you for the reminder to go buy a teacher gift for the end of school carnival tomorrow. 🙂

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