Checking in

Did you know Denver is flat?  Really, and it looks sort of like desert, dry, brown and, flat.  Surprising, I thought it would be green and mountainous, like the licence plate, was wrong!

I’m writing from our room listening to Nate who is supposed to be taking a nap but is just rocking on his hands and knees in his metal, squeaky, up for international adoption crib.   I think I’m going to throw in the towel and head out, it is getting boring in here.  Our Hotel is great but our room is TINY maybe 200 sq ft?  Nate’s crib is in the closet it is so small.  There is a walking Mall just around the corner we are headed too, hopefully Mike will get a break and can meet us for lunch…. Did I mention that we are here for work?  We are, but I am looking forward to our day of exploring!

  Be back soon.


3 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. to quote dumb and dumber….”that john denver was full of sh*t!”


    I hope you guys have fun! xoxoxo

  2. Hope you guys are having a good time! It’s nice to get away from home sometimes just to break up a routine and to simply appreciate home that much more when you get back.

  3. HA Jenny! I love your comment! I did not know Denver was flat, I assumed Rocky Mountains. Hmmm.. interesting.

    Get that baby out of the “up for international adoption” crib and go see some sights! Or is it sites?…

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