It’s coming!



I interrupt my day of trip prep to bring you this tidbit. If this isn’t a sign of what has been wrong with me lately then one does not exist.

Nathan’s going to be 10 months next week, + 38 weeks carrying him, 3 gigantic pimples, a 10 piece nugget meal with barbecue sauce that I may  have licked clean. 

To quote an  SNL skit about Auunale. “Go to the store, buy a hat, and get ready to hold the Eff on to it!”

Someone remind Mike I still love him?


4 thoughts on “It’s coming!

  1. I LOVED THAT SKIT. Seriously, because I was on Seasonale for a miserable six months, and OHMYJEEBUS, it was just like that.

  2. That was HYSTERICAL!!!
    That’s what I felt like coming off my Yaz. You figure I was pregnant 9 months and then I was on the pill for another 9 months… I’m still apologizing to my hubby.
    I hope you feel better, and I hope it doesn’t end up being as bad as you thought.

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