Is that a breeze I feel?

I took a trip to Target at lunch today as my belly has been feeling wind, I am out growing even my biggest tops.  All I wanted was a few t-shirts, nothing fancy just some full bump coverage for the last few weeks.  When I got there they only had one style so I grab one in each of there giant selection of four colors 4 larges 4 extra large, thinking which ever fits I will take all four.  Ummm, the extra large was tight!  Awesome!  I didn’t get any t’s.  I talked later with a girlfriend and she put it perfectly, they just don’t make clothes for the very end. You’re not cute anymore, they don’t want anything to do with the end.  Nothing you can really do but tug on that top for a few more weeks.  Great, hope the wind doesn’t blow upward.

So just how big do you have to be to out grow maternity clothes?  37 weeks.  BIG!  At this point I just look giant.  I really don’t get offended anymore when someone tells me, I cannot argue.  At 37 weeks I am measuring 43 inches around!  43 inches…. everyone keeps swearing “it’ll all go back” they’d better be telling the truth. 

I got my hair cut just 6 weeks ago and NOW its going at warp speed. 


14 thoughts on “Is that a breeze I feel?

  1. I love your top…too cute. Not much longer now, I can’t wait to meet the little guy.

    Much love to you all (even Mr B.)

  2. Youre super cute. ..and I too love the your top. Your belly will go back. Dont concern yourself. Your hair is growing fast. I loved my hair during pregnancy. It was all full and flowy a word?


  3. You are gorgeous!!! The last stage is not cute, it is beautiful 🙂 Look ,one of your tops still covers! That is pretty good! I love you and I can not wait to kiss his feet in 4 weeks and 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Don’t worry, not much longer now! I graduated to hubby’s clothes in the middle of pregnancy and was outgrowing them towards the end (and he’s no little guy himself). Check the men’s department for really big t-shirts–they’re not very cute, but they’re cheap and comfy.

  5. I absolutely know the feeling – no shirts fit anymore. I’m going for that “hanging in the wind” look. I’m measuring 38 weeks (but I’m really tall). Like someone suggested in your comments, I too am stealing the Mr’s clothes-somehow they do fit better!

    And you might be ready for the pregnancy to be done, but you do look fantastic, honest.

  6. Ok,,some remedial math from one of those “old” people you keep referring to. There are 4.33 weeks in a month – therefore, you arent at 9 months till the end of your 39th week. So before you feel the need to resist making some old person feel “silly” you should consider the “been there done that” factor and ask yourself who the silly one is.

    As for the huge comments – i dont think you look that big – i too have a 43″ waste, difference is by the end of the month mine wont be gone. I can’t wear maternity clothes either- but the XXL’s are perfect – even in a wind storm! You look beautiful, and you are.

    I love you!


  7. You do look beautiful… and I remember the breeze on the bottom of the belly, too. Only mine was a December breeze. Very Very Cold. Also, I only went 38 weeks. And I was NOT buying more clothes. I am very excited for you!

  8. Yeah, I have to agree with your pops. I am rockin a 37…err 38 inch waist and mine aint going away either. I don’t really worry about wind factors, but then again….maybe I should.

    Gator and I are really excited over here too.

    Keep it real and stay healthy. — 🙂

    I KNOW what the name will be — but I aint sayin — LOL!


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