week 38

I tell you what. it feels like I have been carrying this child for a year!  In regard to a previous post where I mentioned the 40 weeks of gestation, I’ve been twice corrected in the way I count months…  month is not 4 weeks though I thats the way I have always rounded.  I am still 38 weeks today but when you tell people the weeks they just stare at you and blink, so its hard to give them what they want.  Today I was asked by a customer when this guy was coming, i said two weeks, he thought I was two weeks late.  You cant win, I cant either, don’t I wish I knew the answer to “when.”

Had my 800’th dr appt today and it went well.  Today’s Dr. told me that she had gone over my chart and thought she was going to have to come in and tell me I’m having a 10 lb’er.  After measuring me and feeling the baby she said that was incorrect, he might make it to 8 depending on d-day and I am measuring right on track at 38.. then we did the internal.  70% effaced, 1 cent. dialated.  So thats some progress, while you cant determine anything from it I was glad that it was something.

Again, as with the weeks prior I’m taking the size estimations as just that.  It’s feeling like the weather report these days, no one agrees or really knows for sure.  So, here I will sit waiting for him to come out and answer the question himself.  My boss is now betting on him arriving before my next appointment on the 10th.  Here’s to hoping!

 I’m getting to the end of my rope which I am sure is evident by the change in my tone over the past week or two.  I am not having an easy time at all, barely sleeping and just so darn uncomfortable.  I apologize for the snark in my “voice” but this is real,  I don’t sugar coat any of what I put up here to be read, how I feel comes out without much edit because really, what’s the point?    I’m thinking I need to take a blog break for now, maybe just thru the weekend.  I need some rest and I don’t want to keep putting crap out there as filler.  So, this will be farewell for the week.   If there is any action with Nugget I will  let you all know asap so assume that no news is just no news.  Thanks for putting up with me lately, it means a lot that you all still come and comment when I’m just complaining!


8 thoughts on “week 38

  1. I for one will not miss you…… 🙂 I will still talk to you EVERY DAY! LOL! Love you, talk to you tomorrow

  2. I miss you as I do everyday…you can text me on the way to the hospital. HA! Stay sane..it’s almost time.

    Love ya

  3. Take a break. I have no insight past 38 weeks – they cut her out of me at 38 weeks exactly. So I’m interested in how much more awfu you feel from here on out. Don’t think of it as complaining, think of it as contributing to my research. 🙂

  4. I’m so excited! Good luck, and I hope you have a restful weekend. Try Red Raspberry Leaf tea–it tastes pretty good and it’s supposed to help your Braxton Hicks contractions do their job. It didn’t help me much but it sure helped me relax!

  5. Thanks everybody! I felt much better today after a pretty good night of sleep. I worked out pretty hard (but safe) tonight so hopefully I can do it again.
    Hoping the funk has passed.. time will tell. Be back soon.

  6. Christina,
    He is absolutely beautiful. I can only hope to be as lucky as you and Mike with our little P-nut 😉
    Love ya woman, cant wait to kiss little Nathans AAAAdorable little toes!!!

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