All worked up

Today was just full of little things that set me off and I wasn’t even in a bad mood.  Just you know, hugely pregnant, tired and well evidently moody and somewhat in denial.

My 37 wk check up was mostly a joke and a huge waste of time.   I saw a nurse practitioner rather than an OB or Mid Wife like all of my other appts.  Not usually part of the prenatal care team but they were over booked.  NO KIDDING?  I waited for over an hour to see her and a/c was broken.  It was 94 today.  When she finally met me in the room (lights off to keep the temp’s down) I was laying on my side. She asked if I was okay and my rude reply was yeah, just laying here sweating to death.  She did apologize, then went on to talk at me and wasn’t interested much in my questions.  Seemed like someone that behind schedule would have some outstanding bed side, maybe engage in conversation with her patient.  Nope.  Then, well then it happened again.  I’m measuring 2 cn big  (39) and when I asked if I should expect him to drop she said maybe not, “he’s a big one, there’s not much room for any shifting in there.”   These size opinions are making me nuts.  I have decided that it doesn’t matter if hes big, small or average.  Hes coming out!  That’s all I know for sure.  So not as “on track” as I was just one week ago but whatever.  The end is near.

Most of the comments from strangers these days have changed up a bit and in a good way.  They look at me with wide eyes and ask how much longer, is it your first, girl/boy.. etc.  Mostly just interested, not OMG you’ll never make it or how many are in there.   This past weekend we went to see a movie and the theater manager came to me and asked if I thought I would make it thru the show,he was laughing and said he was kidding, he has 3 and went on to the standard line up of questions. Not offended, he was just making small talk but that was the first comment of shes going to blow any second that I have had so far.   Well, tonight I was at the gym and a woman I would guess was in her late 50’s gave me the wow sweet grandma look so I smiled.  She asked how many months, i replied 9 months 1 week, just 3 more to go.  You mean 8 months 1 week.  Nope, 9 with 3 till my due date.  Three more she snapped, your already late!  No, I’ve got 3 more, its 40 weeks.  She thought it was 9 months- I replied me too until I got pregnant with this one (not true but trying not to make her feel silly).  Her reply…. Well you cant count, you’re late.  I shot her a look,  then turned and removed my top- she gasped at my belly and asked Twins?  NO I snapped.  OH Triplets!?  I just turned my back to her and ended the conversation.  Wow right?  Has this woman never had anyone in her life give birth?  Maybe a young man without children thinking 9 months would be common but for a women to not know 40 weeks surprised me… I wont even get into her belittling me about my counting skills.  I bet she was thinking about how my baby will be riding on the short bus cause his mama is dumb as a box of rocks.


8 thoughts on “All worked up

  1. That lady was a dork, lol. I do remember being ticked off to find out you really carry a baby 10 months (4 wks x10= 40). Why do we always say 9 mos?!

    It won’t be long now, and you will have a sweet baby for them to gawk at instead of your beautiful belly.

  2. I agree with Mallory, we don’t we just say 10 months?? And wheh someone asks how far along and you say it in weeks they always say “I don’t know what that means.” Oh well, to me it just seems like I have FOREVER left!

  3. A man asked me the other night, as I was exiting a meeting we were both attending, if I was having twins or triplets. Luckily, a friend of mine (also pregnant) intervened before I ate his liver.

    I think you look FABULOUS. Seriously. And you’re SO close.. I’m so excited for you!!

  4. I am seriously irritated on your behalf. Why would anyone tell a woman, who knows how long she’s been pregnant and how much longer she has to go, ANYTHING about her pregnancy? Grrrrrr.
    Also, I went to a movie the night before I had Angel Face and no one talked to me. I am sad. 🙂
    Also, like Sarah said, you do look totally fabulous. So all the haters can shut up.

  5. Victoria’s back!!!!
    My current most hated question is whether the pregnancy was planned. What makes anyone think that’s any of their business?
    People are strange…

  6. When people asked me how far along I was, near the end I just told them my due date, Much easier than the awkward math calculations! I was never good at the week to month conversions either…But the good news is you are really ANY DAY NOW!!!!

  7. The woman was definitely rude to argue with you, but I think the nine months comes from nine calendar months (many of which are longer than four weeks). 40 weeks equals 10 lunar months. So really, you were both right.

    By the way, you look great!

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