So now what?

You guys, I don’t know what to do. That sounds dire doesn’t it? It’s not, It’s about this space right here, my blog. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve gone pretty silent in the past few months; from posting a few times a week to once every two or so. I can’t put my finger on why that is though. Sure I’m pregnant which is its own bag of tricks and rasing a strong-willed toddler which is another but outside of that, I don’t know. I just feel like I’ve sort of fallen out of love with sharing right now. Actually I told my sister that I wonder if it’s because I’m “better”. You know how artists and comedians say that they have to suffer to some degree to produce work? That they can’t be happy or they run out of material?  I sort of feel that way, that I’m well enough that I don’t need to express myself here the way that I once did. The funny thing is I still want to share it all but because I don’t need it as a from a therapy anymore time often passes and so does the topic. In a way this is fantastic, yay me, and all that but then it’s awful. I want to be here, I still love to share and love you all who take time to read and chat with me. And yet I’m not here.

So, help me out a bit, will you? What do YOU want from this space? Is there things you would like to hear about or questions you have about what is going on with me these days? Ask or advise away, maybe you can help inspire a comeback.  I don’t really want to live on Twitter alone.


5 thoughts on “So now what?

  1. I love your posts. Even if they are few and far between. How will I know what Olive’s room looks like? How will I know what Nate’s big boy room looks like. How will I know that youve fallen down the stairs again? I just sayin…. I guess this is how I stay in touch with you…other than FB. I should pick up the dang phone huh? All that being said…..How’s your coxic?

  2. Yeah…I’m with Jenny. You are missed tons! I read style lush but it’s not the same. I’m longing for a road trip…

  3. I’ve loved all of your posts since I found you, so it’s hard for me to suggest anything other than to keep it up, whenever you’re inspired. I love your eye for design and the adorable Nate.

    I am so, so, SO proud and happy for the great space you’ve found for yourself, though. Our heads sort of work the same way, so I’m inspired by this.

  4. I love your posts about crafts you have done with your little boy. But, only post what you have time for! I know guilt can still exist (I get it too), but having fun with your family is more important 🙂

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