Paint never lets me down

I never know where to begin after a (another) long absence.

A lot has happened since I last posted, the biggest and most important? The grass has sprung back to life and the trees are beginning to bloom.  Winter was so long, and spring break was snowy and both the boys and Mike were sick and it was pretty bad. But we are on the other side and it is glorious! I feel like this every year when the seasons change. I come back to life, too.

A few weeks back I mentioned some painting and I got some of it done. Our house is really open, but not in that typical open plan way, the entry,  den and dining room are practically one space. Because of that I had a horrible time of deciding what rooms ended where and where to stop painting. Years back I painted the living, kitchen and hall the same color but I left the entry and surrounding walls the flat cream they were when we moved in. Because the paint is flat, I’d pretty much washed most of it off in the past years so I threw up my hands and painted the rest the same color. It looks so much better, I wish I had done it to begin with. I also painted the support beam and while it didn’t magically disappear (I wish) it is a little less in your face.

Here are a few before and after’s.

Looks like I used a flash on the first one, the coloring is more accurate in the after shot.  You can see the hideous post and the surrounding walls were not painted.  I think it’s much better now, there’s more flow. (the paint stops in the 2 story foyer, I’m paying my guy to finish that so I don’t die falling off my ladder)

Here you can see the angled wall on the left was unpainted as well as the wall surrounding the front door, on the right it is finished.

I guess I didn’t get this angle before but the wall with the door (that goes downstairs) and the wall going up were not painted.

It just makes more since now. After all of this time wondering what to do, the answer came from knowing there wasn’t another option. They didn’t look right the way they were so I knew they weren’t going to work any other color either.

I have paint to do stripes on a wall between the dining room and kitchen but I’ve yet to start it. Mike parents are coming for Memorial day so that should light a fire under me, I need to do the upstairs railing as well.  I’m also seriously thinking about ripping up the carpet on the stairs because it is just impossible to keep it looking nice and after this, its never been the same.  That could be my next big project.

Good stuff, working on the house always makes me happy and painting always makes things look so fresh. Totally worth the effort.
Ace Hardware sponsored this project, I had a tiny baby food jar of this color and they were able to match it for me in Clark+Kensington paint. It took a few tires but they didn’t give up, the weren’t going to send me home with anything but perfection. It’s like they know me. The paint worked awesome on both the wood beam and the walls. I also used this brand on my kitchen makeover, seen here.


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