Spring Dreaming

It is beautiful today! Cold but gorgeous. The past week brought an ice storm along with snow making the clear blue sky so very welcome!

It has me dreaming up my spring to-do list both inside and out.  Our yard last year was left untouched, I had pots of flowers on the front porch but never got around to planting anything. I’m planning making up for it this year.  One thing I’ve wanted since we moved in is window boxes full of color, hanging ferns, new foliage on either side of the front door and new cushions for the bench. I hope this is the year I can actually sit on said bench with a book while the boys ride their bikes. I KNOW, I said I was dreaming….

Loving this look for the pots next to the front door!


As for inside, I’ve been tweaking every room over the past few weeks. Finishing the kitchen inspired me to keep going. On the list for the coming weeks is painting the UGLY support beam in the foyer, painting the foyer itself , painting the spindles on the upstairs balcony and finally doing something with the mini-hall between the dining room and kitchen. More on that soon, I think I have a solid plan, some ideas just take 7 years. (gah!)

I got a really cool bird cage at a second hand shop recently and was SO in love with it, and then I brought it home and well, I still hate birds… but I love the cage. I tried to stage it with plants and books, etc. but it doesn’t work, it looked cute but it doesn’t work in my house, at all. In a desperate last ditch I put on the ledge above the front door and a new idea was born. The birdcage isn’t staying but I’m excited to start collecting what will go there. (this post is becoming a tease, isn’t it?)

So, basically I need to book a few new jobs so I can fund all of my ideas. Inspiration, it only sounds free.

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