I’m painting my dining room tonight. All day I’ve been itching to start but I KNOW that as soon as a start to prep, much less pour the paint, someone will puke or step in it or do some toddler type something that will derail the entire thing, so I’ll do it after they go to bed tonight.

I wrote a few weeks ago that I’d grown tired of the gingerbread spice wall color, it’s going a slate grey that Mike and Nate are both calling blue and my camera agrees, it’s darker and it’s not orange- and I can’t wait to see it up.

Lets pretend that I have a bag of money…if I did, I’d make it a bigger makeover.


I’d get new chairs for the head of the table. Saw these in the store today and I NEED THEM! The fabric looks much more mod and less granny in person- brass nail heads across the back and around the "arm" area.

I’d get 4 of these.

4 of these!

I’d set them on this.and this!  8x10

I cover the top of my table in cream vinyl with a nail head trim.  (I know it sounds crazy- but it would be fab!)

And I’d have a bar cart.

bar cart

And it would all live happily ever after. I can picture it. It would be awesome, if only I can find that bag of money… I bet it’s hidden in the same place Ben’s stashed my clog.



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