I love my dining room. I look at it a lot, my desk  faces it. I actually look at it more than the tv. I’m tired of it though. I love the warm gingerbread walls but I am a person drawn to contrast and while the color is gorgeous and saturated and amazing at night, it blends with the curtains, the table, hutch and picture frames. I want more contrast but I want to keep the warm moody feel of the current color.

My first thought was navy but the bathroom next to it is navy and I don’t want it to be the same so I decided a dark grey. Charcoal or pencil lead, something like that. I found a few in my paint decks that I liked but I went and grabbed a bunch of swatches anyway. And now I’m thinking. I love 5 colors. Two of which are DARK, one is cracked pepper (a flat black) and the other, weather vane an inky black, then there are three greys.  Honestly, all of them make me want  crown molding for even more contrast with the white!

Would you paint a room in your house this dark?

I love this room SO MUCH!

black dining room style


here are the ones I’m working with (down to 4 now)




5 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I think it would look gorgeous, and I really want you to do a white crown molding to go with it! I like the white accents in this room. Would you ever consider painting your chairs? No, right? You have the design eye, not me.

  2. Our dining room is probably one shade lighter than the third color listed and I LOVE it. Grey is so ridiculously soothing. Going even darker would have been lovely (but I couldn’t convince T).

  3. I love the dark navy. I also love a dark gray. I’ve gone dark gray in one room, and I also have a bold red room (not my doing). I dream of having a room that is deep blue, but most of my room are too small to pull it off.

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