Dreaming of some free time

My head is spinning, my body is still.

I waste a lot of time during a day. I get the daily stuff done, laundry, cooking, dishes, etc. I make lists, draw floor plans and dick around on the internet though, too. I do these things because I like to but also because they are interpretable tasks. I can pick up where I left off or not at all.

I have a lot of things I am in the mood to do. I am craving projects like mad. I want work on the kitchen, paint the dining room and hall. I want to do the spindles on the catwalk upstairs, I want to purge and organize and empty things out before the holidays and new toys come in. I want to start Christmas projects.

I typically do work at night, design projects for Haute House and writing for Style Lush. I could do some of this stuff at night, actually, the Christmas projects I can, for sure.  But refinishing and painting the kitchen isn’t something I want to do from 9-11 pm on a Wednesday.

It was easier a few years ago, before the kids were fighting over air, now it’s exhausting to get things started just to have to clean up and do it again the next day. I’m going to have to figure out how to balance it. I need to stay creative, I need paint under my nails and a pin cushion on my desk but hot ham, it is hard with these little people. I find myself dreaming of when they are both in school, and then I stop myself , I can buy stockings and a tree skirt, lets not fast forward to much….

Any tips on how I can get more of my stuff done during the day?


One thought on “Dreaming of some free time

  1. Dude, I am the queen of procrastination! I also HATE lists! But, I force myself to keep one. Like you, I have two boys. Boys break everything! They get into everything. They want to help. Meanwhile, they are carrying on a EPIC battle between themselves. I think you need to prioritize. I don’t do laundry everyday, because that would totally suck the life energy right out of me. If I want to do a project, I start it first thing. I even leave dishes in the sink. I can do dishes LATER. I try not to structure my day too much – because that’s not how I roll. Let’s take today for instance… I am in a house full of unpacked boxes. I was determined to unpack boxes, hang up pictures, and organize the SHITLOAD of crap Evan insists on keeping (ex. a half broken miniature motorcycle and an “antique telescope”). I accomplished a good deal – but here’s the kicker… no one noticed but me. Not a single BOY in this household even commented on the progress I’d made. I can guarantee not a single boy in your house will notice if you don’t do the dishes. Leave the daily stuff one day a week and run wild with abandonment doing the projects that inspire you. You are allowed to have stuff ongoing, you do not have to clean up entirely if you’ve paused a project – but you do need to keep yourself sane and creative (as if those two go together!!). Also, you should define to yourself what “more” means, in terms of getting stuff done. xoxoxo

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