3 things

Friday Mike and I celebrated our 10th! It was great, we went out for an amazing meal and did some window shopping. It was lovely. I’ve gone on for years here, as many as I’ve been writing about how much I love this man. You know, but hot ham, I am so lucky to have someone in my life who I’m still crazy about and that respects me, and is an incredible father. And well, I just adore him.

Sunday July 1, I started eating Paleo. I couldn’t really believe I was going to do it, I had no real faith in myself. All I knew is I have been trying HARD for YEARS to drop this weight. Twice weekly personal training sessions with 2-3 additional workouts per week. A few stints on weight watchers, pills, potions, giving up this and that and writing down what I eat and you name it. I’ve plateaued. My body had just adjusted and so I increased my cardio, had more conversations about nutrition with my trainer and still, no change. I felt like the only thing left was Paleo. So, I stared. The first two days were the hardest, no diet coke or sugar had my body a bit pissed off. But today is day 8 and I feel great. It’s really not been very hard. I still have that desire for desert after dinner and I miss the flavor of somethings but after I eat, I feel satisfied, never uncomfortable. After just a week I don’t feel like food owns me. I just have something when I’m hungry and I know I’m eating the right things.  I lost exactly 3 lbs the first week, meaning, I’m not really anywhere yet but it’s a promising start.

If you don’t know what Paleo is, it’s hardcore and I say that because it’s a fact, and not because I think I’m hardcore, because I am so not.  You can’t eat much, really, Its sugar free, glutten free, dairy free, soy free, grain free, well, it’s easier to say what you can eat. Meat, veggies, fruit , healthy fats like coconut oil and avocados and some nuts. (no legumes ) Not a lot but it makes it so easy to KNOW what is okay, I’m not eating something and wondering if this is “good” or not. Like you do with a granola bar with a chocolate bottom and pretzels inside, you know?

I plan on keeping this up until I leave for my trip, I hope to keep up the 3 a week which would put me at 9 lbs for 3 weeks. And most likely turning it into a lifestyle because it just feels right to eat this way. I haven’t had a belly ache or heart burn or anything since I started. I never feel bloated, and I stared my period during this first week.  I feel healthy and if eating this way is also melting off the pounds then I’ll take it.

On Saturday night, at some point, I took of my rings. I don’t remember where, or when. I do this all the time, drop them all over, but I have a landing place for them in each room- a safe spot. A dish in the kitchen window, the tray on the ottoman, little places all over because I do it daily. But this time I can’t find them. Mike and I looked for a good hour last night and nothing. It doesn’t help that I don’t know which floor I was even on when I took them off… I’m so sick over this, I can’t even tell you. I have no idea where they are. I’m really afraid that Ben got ahold of them, we both stayed in bed for a while on Sunday after the kids were up, there’s no telling what a two year old would do or where he’d go with them. My finger is bare and my heart is heavy. I’ve got to find them.



2 thoughts on “3 things

  1. I’ve always wanted to try Paleo, too. I think my body would appreciate it. I just…keep putting it off.

    Hope you find your rings before your trip…

  2. I eat paleo and love it. My body loves it. I’m much less bitchy too. I will tell you, with Paleo your body weight will drop to the size it is supposed to be and you cannot make it go any smaller. I also noticed the longer I ate Paleo, the more momentum the weight loss had. I’m gonna bet you will lose more than 9 lbs by the time your trip comes around. 🙂 I needed some more ideas and variety for meals so I subscribed to Paleo Magazine. This is a great magazine full of ideas and articles. It also provided constant hilarity as it advertised products such as “squatty potty.” I laughed for hours over that ad!

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