I want to buy it all!

Let me start with a little confession: I bought some stuff this week. I was at Target, and I needed some stuff but I had already decided that I was going to buy 1 bottle of nail polish, I wanted to try this glitter french manicure (it was a fucking disaster, pinterest, you are full of lies!) and that was all I was going to get. It was. But see, I had all of this time, we didn’t have anywhere to be and the boys were in amazing moods and it was just too easy to browse. It started with a pair of shoes, they were on clearance and I have tried them on a few times, for fun, but they had that blessed red sticker. It’s like a drug to me, I swear. So I argued with myself for a bit and then Nate said “Mom, those are zupah-cool!” And I asked him, “think daddy will like them?” “YEAH!” in the cart they went. Then I ended up grabbing a t-shirt, one that I’m sure will end up with a hole in no time.  And then, a pair of sunglasses and a hat. So, all in all, about $62.  And you know, I didn’t feel guilty at all. I felt happy.

Now, this is exactly the reason I started this. So I wouldn’t do this all the time. Before I started, I’d do this once a week, so one time in 8 months does not a problem make. But, I know myself.  I am making a list of exactly what I will buy for or vacation and I will not deviate from it. I must stay on track.

All of this aside. There’s nothing I’d love to do more right now, sitting at Panera ALONE, (heaven) than one-click my way thru the internet.But I’m not going to. I’m just going to enjoy the quiet and relax. This right here? This time to myself is honestly the best thing I could buy myself today. (okay, and a rug for the dining room and some new lights for the upstairs hall and a chair for the den, but that should do it. For today.) (But I like being married, so Ill just refil my diet coke and sit a while longer.)


One thought on “I want to buy it all!

  1. I always ask the girls if they think daddy will like it too. I laughed out loud when I read that. What was that like….sitting alone and stuff….in a place…away from home and stuff? I havent done anything by myself in ages…except Dr appts. I miss you. oxoxox

    ps post a pic of the hat.

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