no shopping: the half way point

Back in November I decided to rein in my somewhat out-of-control shopping and stop it all together for a year. I updated after the first month (maybe 2?) but a few things have changed so I figured I’d bring you up to speed since it was something I got a lot of questions about.

First, after the first month, I had to give my self a “social allowance”  I realized really quickly that in order to see my friends and have any time outside of the house just for myself I had to have a some money. Now, it’s not much, just $35 a month. I use it for my time or two a month where I see my friends. For lunch, a movie, coffee, etc. It’s a tiny amount of money but it’s on purpose so I don’t spend my “social allowance’ on the crap I was blowing money on before.

Now, I did complete a design job in March and I spent every single dime I made on myself. I got some clothes, a pair of shoes, an end table and some project supplies. It was GLORIOUS.  I also invested in a few new bras, but hot ham, those were necessary.

It’s getting harder. I have to admit. I’m loosing weight and the seasons have changed and I need (want) more gym clothes and really just want to go shopping.  Yesterday I was at the mall and it was so hard. Everything I see that I want, I have to put down. And that’s the point, to change my habits because I don’t need everything I want. Clothes are hard, home stuff is hard, okay fine, right now it’s all hard. I just want some retail therapy. GAH!

Mike and I are going on vacation in July for our 10th anniversary and I am going to buy a few things for the trip, a new swimsuit, a hat, a cover up or 3 and probably a new dress. So, that’s spending money, yes, I know but it’s our first trip without kids EVER and well, shut up, I want new shit. Okay? he’s getting some new stuff too so…

So, that’s where that’s at. Will I make it to November? Yeah, the first six months have gone fine and most of the time it feels really good to walk away from stuff. I’ve learned that just because something is cute or “me” or would go so great “there” doesn’t make it worth my money. What I’ve learned so far is that quality is a better buy than quantity, meaning target t’s are cheap now but in the end if I’d bought one from jcrew it wouldn’t have a hole in it.  I probably didn’t have to go to such extremes to realize such a no brainer but here I am.

I cannot wait until this is over….. thank god my birthday is coming up soon.  Come on gift cards, mama needs some lululemon!


5 thoughts on “no shopping: the half way point

  1. Always a good idea to give yourself some fun money, otherwise I think you’re just setting yourself up for failure. You’re doing such a great job at this…I’m totally impressed!!

  2. I’m very impressed! My own shopping (online, mainly) is starting to get a little out of control. Mainly groupons. I’m thinking I might have to go cold turkey.

  3. I’ve been wondering how you were doing with this — kudos to you and especially kudos on the design job (fancy!) and the 10 year trip (jealous!)

  4. You are such a rockstar, I swear. I was doing a pretty good job not buying unnecessary stuff for myself, and then I got pregnant and realized that most of my maternity clothes from three years ago were ragged because I bought very little and just wore the same thing every day. So I’ve decided that spending my life savings on maternity style t-shirts is a great idea. I should *maybe* rethink that life plan, probably…

  5. just popped over from yhl. i think it’s great that you are being conscious about your spending. i recently started a one month “no-buying” effort in preparation for us moving at the end of the month.

    i’m not a big clothes person, by my online spending for decor for my house and cute stuff for my 2 year old was getting crazy out of control. one thing that really helped me was banishing all of those constant sales emails (from the likes of west elm, target and old navy) into my email junk folder.

    until i stopped them, i never realized before how strong of an influence those things had over me when i would look at all this lovely new stuff for sale everyday.

    now that i’ve seen the error of my ways, i really want to try to keep the consumerist habits and frivolous spending under control going forward.

    keep it up!

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