Damn Den

I took over twitter today beggging for help with this stupid room. It has perfect bones for a home office. Two huge windows and plenty of space for the crap I have in it and yet, I hate it. Now I love a room with a mix of furnishings but in this case, it’s part of what is wrong with it. But, we are traveling a ton this year (yay) so a budget for new pieces is out. I could paint or get a new rug (lets pretend that I didnt buy the one in the photos today) (I did)

I love the chair in the corner, I need to sew its cover (the fabric is just draped over it right now) it needs to be stained or painted. Which and what color?

I love the bookcase, I stained that mo’fo in the dead of winter until my fingers fell off on a 3×3 front porch of the first place Mike and I ever lived. It stays but I’m not aginst a makeover.

The desk was a “hey, we need a desk, this one is pertty fug but it’s damn near free, lets get it” and I never liked it but it serves well.

The rug was grabbed today becuase the chair is stripping the finish off the floor under the desk, it’s a little too small and I just grabbed the least offesive pattern. It is temporary.

Everything on the walls stay. This is Mike’s office, I do use it durning the day a lot but it’s his. So, the diplomas and baseball stuff stay. This doesnt mean I couldnt add to it…

So- here are the pictures. Take a peak and HIT ME! I am stupmed!


3 thoughts on “Damn Den

  1. Well I completely suck at decorating, you are way way more talented than I am. My only suggestion (worth sharing) is to turn the desk to face the window. Right now, if anyone looks up, they see the dining room – which is beautiful. But the view through the window will foster creativity. Lots of day dreaming could happen there! I love the wallpaper on the bookshelf! Amazing! However, I’d like to see it less neutral. Right now it’s a blah brown – so pump it up a bit! Ok, two suggestions!! ha

  2. Just some thoughts…and I don’t know if I’d do ALL of these but they are just ideas… maybe paint the inside (top, bottom, back of the inside) of the bookcase a bold color like orange or turquoise but leave the stain on the outside the same. Can you paint or wallpaper that white part of the desk? What about a slipcover for the desk chair? What about a new lampshade?

    I love the chair in the corner and the pillow that’s on it-can you go off the colors in that pillow? And I love the top of the bookcase with the globe and wheels.

    Can’t wait to see what you do!

  3. I think a little paint would make a huge difference. Maybe paint the white parts of the desk a bright color-blue, green, yellow? Sisal rug, bamboo blinds to warm the room and add texture. I think adding another bookcase to the back would fill dead space and allow you to give the shelves “breathing room.” Maybe add a few filing cabinets or something similar? Have fun.

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