Stuff to do!

We’re one week in!  One long week, right? Nate’s back in school, and the routine is back in action. Except I didn’t workout today, and on the way to the store, and not the gym, I already wished I’d put my workout clothes on. I made the wrong choice, coffee over spin class. I will remember this next week!

There is so much I want to accomplish this year. So, here we go!

Around the house.

Add a shelf to the laundry room.

Organize the pantry. Buy bins and trays.

Pare down my cookbooks organize a tear sheet binder

Get a rug for the den

sew the cover for the Danish chair and stuff and re-sew the anthro place mat for the chair

paint the 3 walls on the main floor that I was never sure what to do with. I’m still not sure but they look stupid not painted.

Paint the baseboards on the main floor

Finish the master bath. trim and cutting in. (I started this LAST MARCH!)

Add storage to playroom closet

Bite the bullet and do the half bath! Pattern walls, either with wallpaper or a stencil!

Clean out the kids closets and add storage solutions. A pile on the floor is not a solution!

Find a place to store all of my craft stuff! it’s in too many places.

Have the windows cleaned!

Have a gorgeous front yard this year!

New cushions and umbrella for the patio set.

Start planning the kitchen. Price appliances. Get an idea of a budget so we can start saving.

Get a fence quote for the same reason. I want a dog next summer 2013 and won’t have one without a fence.

With the kids

Renew our pool membership

Take them to the park when the weather is good, no matter how much I freaking hate going to the park. I never regret it when we go.

Treat them like people.

Give them adventures not crap from Target!

Remember that adventures don’t have to be planned. They are boys, dig for worms after the rain. Watch ants march across the sidewalk.


With myself

I’m removing a # from my goal in regard to weight. If my clothes fit, good! If they don’t, work harder.

Eat more real food, and less stuff that comes in a package

Try every class the gym offers.

Wear a bikini on my 10th anniversary trip!

Give up pop for a month. (and then maybe for good?)

Give up sugar for a week.

Read 12 books this year. (compared to ZERO last year)

I will wear sunscreen every day!


I’m sure there is more, I’ll add to the list if there are changes. Last year I refered to this a few times to see how I was doing.

In a nutshell, I just want to be healthy, have fun, get organized and keep working on my home. I have a feeling this year holds a lot of surprises and good things for my family.



2 thoughts on “Stuff to do!

  1. Inspiring goals!! I kind of laughed when you said you started painting your bathroom last March because um…you were kind of busy with other stuff last year! I think you get a pass on not getting the bathroom completed 🙂

  2. I love the list! I love the “treat them like people” – so often I feel like I’m “managing” Madeline rather than just interacting with her… and funnily enough, life’s so much smoother when we’re actually interacting!

    I might steal the “go to the park” one… that’s a great, simple goal.

    Also, rock on with your bikini goal! I don’t know if that’s EVER in the cards for me again (stretch marks AHOY!) but it’s inspiring nonetheless.

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