2012 in one word

It took me a lot longer to come up with a word this year. I wanted a word that would push me on days that I need one, that would keep me headed in the right direction when I’m doing well, and one that could help me focus when the world gets fuzzy.  Last year I let go of a lot of my regular routine in the name of survival. Things that on the flip side, are important, things that in the thick of it, were not.  Like eating enough veggies and keeping the basement organized. Things that I’m able to focus on again, and they need doing. And I know that as the year goes on, I’ll need help keeping my lazy caboose in-line.

My word for 2012 is PRIDE.

It encompasses everything, I think. My health, both mental and physical. My job as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend. My ability to take care of my home and provide a nurturing and healthy environment for my family.  There’s no way you can think of the word and for it to not be positive. I want to be proud of myself and the life I am leading. This year I will focus on just that.

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