Where are you, Christmas?

I just cannot get into this. I’ve decorated every inch of the house and made the cider and bought the gingerbread house kit and we went to the mall to see the lights and look at Santa (we do not LIKE Santa says the biggest of the small ones) The gifts are all hidden away and the menu is being planned and I even know what I’m going to wear on Christmas day, and still.

I’m just not feeling it. I keep trying to figure out why. Is it because we ordered the kids stuff on-line? Is it because I don’t expect any surprises under the tree because I made a list this year? Is it because we aren’t going home? I just don’t know. But whatever it is I just don’t care much about it.

I don’t like it and not liking it is making me grouchy and even less into it. I just want to put away all of the glass ornaments that I keep fishing out of the toilet and throw away my stupid tree because half of its lights went out and put the house back the way I like it. Which is just wrong! I typically LOVE how the house looks and feels when it’s decorated. I don’t get it. I wont give up. Must try harder!

How are you doing? Are you feeling the season?


5 thoughts on “Where are you, Christmas?

  1. This season is definitely weird for us. We lost our big (6′) tree when we moved, so we just have 3 little trees up in the front room, and while I like them a lot & think they look pretty, it’s just not the same. Also, I can’t find my tree skirt, which is pretty much my favorite thing about my tree, so that’s sad.

    Also, we’re not really spending the day with any 1 family. My folks will be in CA visiting my grandparents/aunts. His folks we’ll see for Christmas Morning (complete with kids ages 1,3,5,7 & 9) then go to my brother’s for dinner, which will be awesome, but… different.

    guess this year everything just feels different… not enough comforting tradtion.

    I need to drink more eggnog.

  2. I wish I had some magical words of inspiration for you, my friend! But alas, I don’t.

    I think we’ve all had years like that, and it’s really hard because Christmas only comes once a year and we build it up so much in our minds. That’s probably especially true with little ones in the mix. I’m sure you want to make Christmas FABULOUS for them every single time and sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Luckily, they’re both little enough that even small things seem amazing to them, so just enjoy what you can and forgive yourself for the rest. And remember that it will come again next year!!

  3. For the past few weeks I’ve been sort of feeling it. Not really fully feeling it, but that early-season lead-in to feeling it.

    And then today I realized we’re 11 days out, half the people on my list don’t have gifts yet, and the cashier at Target was a jerk to me at the same time the baby was borderline melting down.

    So, yeah. I’m not really feeling it either.

  4. I’m loving having the house decorate because I just love the coziness of the tree…but I’m definitely not feeling it the way that I usually do. Trying though! Our little Advent activity calendar is helping. I also have a couple of gifts that I cannot wait to give – that always helps me. I’m just definitely not in “winter mode” so it’s hard to get into the spirit when I’m in complete denial that fall is over!

  5. I had a droopy Christmas a few years ago and I tried to fight it and then felt angry when that didn’t work, so I just let it simmer and pass.

    This year is feeling peppier and I’m enjoying it.

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