How much did I spend in November?

The month is almost over and since my next few days are booked and they do not include shopping I guess I’ll update you now.

What did I spend, how did I live.

The month was hard at first. I had all of my normal urges to go out and look and touch and air out the kids. It got easier though. As they days went on I wasn’t focused on it. I did a few crafty things around the house with supplies I already had. And to be honest, I have a few really sweet and generous friends.  One treated me to a lovely brunch and coffee and another to coffee and a little treat at a junk shop.  That was lovely, I cannot lie.  Mike has brought flowers home for me each week, so far. I always have fresh flowers in the house and he knows I love them so he’s getting them for me. Total wash in terms of money but he is sweet.

I did get a few random things this past weekend, lightbulbs for our christmas window candles, some ornament hooks and a pack of command strips, all for decorating this weekend. But that’s it. I didn’t buy a thing this month, save for that accidental $4.55 latte the first of the month.  Life outside of my personal spending went on as normal. I hosted a brunch at home and Mike and I had a date this past weekend so that really helps, too. The rules don’t apply to that type of thing, just to random spending and unnecessary junk.

November total – $4.55!

There were lots of things I wanted, trust me. But as time went on and I was home and away from the allure of the bright store lights I realized that I didn’t need any of it and a few of the items would have been a full on waste of money (looking at YOU dollar spot!) so, I feel good. But I’m also making a Christmas list and  we are planning our anniversary trip for next year and this was just the first month. But one down is one down!


6 thoughts on “How much did I spend in November?

  1. This is SO awesome… I don’t know if I could do it. I am inspired by it though – I should look at WHY I’m spending money. I don’t stay at home like you do, but I know that on some days those lunch hour Target runs are ALL about sanity/stress relief and not even remotely about anything I need.

    Anyway, GO YOU!!!! So awesome!!

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