I don’t workout on Thursdays and Nate doesn’t have school. Thursday is my SAHM hump day. Almost there, let’s get out of the house and have some fun.

After a slow morning we’d typically head out to Target, I’d grab a coffee and we’d take our time browsing. Then we’d go to Marshalls or Home Goods.  Sometimes we’d just go to the mall, the kids would play and I’d grab a coffee, they’d get a pretzel and we’d wander around.  I don’t typically have items in mind when we do this. But I’d come home with a new necklace or some makeup, maybe a top and the kids would get a toy or a book. Then we’d have lunch out. It was a great way to spend time, all of us happy.

The thing about Thursday is it is all about excess. Fun, sure, but the stuff isn’t necessary.

It’s 10am and the beds are made, the kitchen clean and there is laundry running. The boys are dressed and happily playing. I’m fine, too. Trying not to think about shopping and just enjoy the day with my boys. A nice day at home. I LOVE to be home so that helps, I think. This will be our stay home day now. The rest of the week we are running around, to school and the gym and running errands. Now instead of wasting money. I’ll spend the time with the boys and enjoying us. And, well, probably doing lots of pinning and day dreaming but this isn’t supposed to change who I am and what I love, but to help me appreciate what I already have.


4 thoughts on “Thrusdays

  1. We’re at a place right now where spending extra money (even a little) is not something we can do on any sort of regular basis, so I am constantly trying to find things that a) entertain the kids b) are free and c) aren’t watching TV (we do enough of that as it is.) Thursday is story time at the library for us. Not particularly exciting, but at least it kills an hour or so. Enjoy your stay at home day!

  2. That is a huge change to your day but I think the second type of day sounds better. I strive to be at home as much as possible on the weekends – way more zen. I love this thing you’re trying.

  3. Oh, how I love both of those types of days. What you’re doing is HARD, and I’m super impressed you’re doing it.

    Have you thought about ways to “indulge” with regular things so you don’t feel deprived (and thus keep it going longer)? What I mean is, simple things like buying that fancy coffee you’ve been wanting to try at the grocery store rather than whats on sale. Things like that? I’ve done this in the past, buying “treat” versions of things I’d normally be buying anyway yet saving a lot in relation to buying the item out all the time and I’ve found it to be really effective. Just a thought.

  4. It will seem super hard at first, but eventually, it will come so easy and so natural – you’ll never even remember how you did things differently. Keep it up sugar, I have faith in you.

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