Operation Stop Spending

Okay, you guys. I have one hell of an announcement. As of November 1st, I’m not spending any money on myself.

I spend so much money. Too much money. Some of it on things I genuinely need but most of it is stuff I just want.  I need one pair of jeans not a bag full of tops and accessories to go with the jeans I actually needed. I needed a pair of new nail clippers not the 3 new shades of polish and a lip gloss.  And on and on and on. I have grabby hands. I WANT STUFF. I LOVE stuff.

For those of you playing along at home you know I’ve not worked a day since Nate was born 4 years ago. And yet, I still shop as if I have my own income. I don’t and it’s so ass of me to act as if I do.  I need to learn how to stop buying the extra stuff. I need to find another way to get that little high.  I have a closet full of clothes I love, great shoes and accessories, more nail polish that a girl needs and I really don’t need a thing.  My house looks great, too. I don’t need to keep buying crap for it, either.

So, one year. No shopping.

I am keeping my gym membership and my trainer. I will also continue to get my haircut. Neither of these things are cheap but I’m not trying to lose myself in this process, I am trying to better it. So my hair and my body will not suffer. Just my emotional state. Since I think all of this shopping is just that, emotional. I don’t know why or if it’s true yet but we’ll see. And I’m totally going to talk to my therapist about this.

I will keep a little log of how each month goes, if I slip up or cry over something I can’t-wont’ allow myself to have. Both I’m sure will happen. I already forgot last week and got a coffee at Starbucks and was SO PISSED over spending $4.55 on coffee I almost didn’t enjoy it. Except I totally did.

Speaking of such things. Mike and I are still going to have our monthly date nights. We will still spend money as a family and on the kids and if we are all out and Mike is getting coffee you can bet your sweet ass I will too. What I wont do is get it on my own, just for me.

So, this is happening and while I’m feeling empowered by it right now I SO KNOW I hate the entire idea already and don’t want to do it at all. But, I already handed Mike my credit card and told him that this is on. He couldn’t be more about it! (shocker)

Stay tuned.. I’m sure there will be much talk about this. Loosing magazine subscriptions. Learing to love the library again. Wish lists. Ect.



17 thoughts on “Operation Stop Spending

  1. Oooooo, this is a big deal! I kind of TRY to do this on a normal basis (I don’t neeeed that Sbux….and yet here it is in my hand) and I try to plan out what I want (clothes-wise) and then sort of study it and make sure that the item is The Item but dude…nothing at all? For a year? That is a big flipping deal.

    I am SO interested to hear how this goes and I am also interested that it extends to things like coffee. Other people I know who have done this just made it a clothes/shoes/stuff thing.

    Such discipline! I can’t wait to hear more about it so I can copy all of your tricks. EDUCATE ME, CHRISTINA.

  2. Wow, this IS a big deal. I really wonder what it is that you’ll miss the most. I’m thinking this will be hard as hell but that you will learn a lot about what things are your essentials, you know? Looking forward to reading about how this is going!

  3. I think you are amazing for taking on this challenge. And I’m happy to support you in any way you need, even if that’s just an ear to commiserate over the awesome dress you’re not going to buy. You’re going to rock this, I can tell.

  4. Definitely keep us updated! My husband and I each have a set amount of “fun money” each month to do whatever we want with, which keeps me from feeling bad about the fact that I don’t contribute monetarily to our household. Still, I could always work on spending less.

  5. You are so brave and totally my new role model. What about lunches or random meals out? (I’m not trying to suggest ways to regulate your spending, I’m just honestly curious)

  6. A year is a long time! That’s an impressive committment. I’m excited to hear how it goes – maybe you’ll have a bunch of people copying you!

  7. I’m excited to read how this goes and how you process through it. I know it’s something I could stand to do. Very much so.

  8. I’m a terrible impulse buyer and it took me a long time to realize why I couldn’t go into Target (for example) and not come out $200 poorer every time! Hello new purse! And earrings! And Rubbermaid boxes! I could kick myself over all the crap I’m paying for still because I used a credit card to make myself feel better temporarily. ANYWHO, I find that I do that kind of “shopping” when I’m feeling bad about myself physically…I avoid the clothes and go to all that other stuff that doesn’t have to fit, like nail polish. And then usually treat myself to lunch afterwards. Because that makes all kinds of sense! I’m better about it now that I’ve recognized what my triggers are, but I still have to evaluate my mental state before I go into Target to even buy just a birthday card…do I think I’ll start “just looking”? It’s hard.

    I’m very impressed that you’re taking this on! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  9. I am so proud of you! I’ll support you in whatever way I know how! I cannot remember the last time I went clothes shopping – well, not since I started making some of my own clothes. I just got tired of always looking to buy something… it irritated me. I do, however, continue to visit thrift stores and try to do all the boys’ clothes shopping there – since they are growing so fast (it’s like magic, they grow right before my very eyes!) Yesterday, I bought 6 pairs of jeans for the boys at a thrift store ($3.75 a piece) and found a brand new pair of merril shoes, in my size… for $20.00! MAN … I felt like a million bucks because I needed a new pair of hiking shoes and there they were – just sitting on the shelf of a thrift store!! I think you can be creative with decorating, creative with clothing, and creative with comfort. I know you can do this!

  10. Ohhh good luck! One thing that helped me budget is cash-only. We were/are forced into it by the state of our incomes at the moment and I found that cash was the absolute best way to keep me on track. I would take my little paycheck every 2 weeks and use that for all grocery shopping, personal care stuff shopping and anything “extra”. That way I didn’t feel bad if I did pick up a little something for myself. It is extremely rare and usually super-duper cheap but I made sure everyone else’s true needs were taken care of before I bought that new eyeshadow or something similar. Maybe you could set yourself a budget that will cover food and all the other things you will need to buy to take care of your family. And I mean NEED. THEN if you have $5 left over and want that starbucks, you can treat yourself. That will definitely keep you from overbuying on other things. When you are in a situation like I am where you know you have to feed your kids on a certain amount, that new shirt is less and less appealing!

  11. And that is how you decided to spend all my money 🙂 KIDDING! But dude, it’s fun to play with other people’s wish lists isn’t it? TAKE IT OUT ON ME. MY LIVING ROOM WILL THANK YOU 🙂

    This fascinates me. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  12. Wow!! That is inspiring! I’m on a 100 day shopping ban myself, but I haven’t stopped getting coffees and eating out occasionally for lunch… Now, I feel like I could do so much better! I’ll be reading along to see how it goes!!

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