13 Things

So, The Blathering! I’ve been sad for years about never being able to go. The first year was before Style Lush and I just didn’t really know anyone or feel confident to just jump on in so I stayed home and was a sad panda. Last year I was pissed, it was in Chicago, I could have driven, but, I was too pregnant. This year I didn’t think I could go, I mean, I actually own a money tree, it’s 5 foot 3 4 inches tall, son of a bitch has yet to produce. But turns out my husband understands that time away is good for all of us.  So, 13 things you should know about me by Friday.

1. I’m a dork, as in, I get too excited and then try to contain myself and not look like a dork and that pretty much backfires and I look like a fool. I’ve been told it’s cute, I think people lie to me.

2. I’m an I love you drunk. This is important as I plan on drinking my weight two days in a row. This is good though, I will be more relaxed and less of the dork but with more touching.

3. My attention to detail is sort of ridiculous. I will notice everything you’re wearing and if I like it and look, lets assume I have  drink im my hand I will probably be fondling your bracelet or asking about what color of eyeshadow you’re wearing. I promise I wont ask to try on your shoes, though , lets face it. I want to. Please, don’t let this make you uncomfortable.

4. I already like you. So don’t be nervous around me. It’s true, I read your questioner and you’re rad. Take comfort in the fact that I’m a little freaked out, too.

5. I have some issues with mental health and if you already read my blog you know but if you’re here in advance of this weekend, I was hospitalized in April for ppd and anxiety. It’s okay to talk to me about it if you want. I won’t bring it up but you can if you have questions.

6. I’m a oversharer (see #5) Hoo-boy, if childbirth or breastfeeding comes up….you might want to walk away.

7. I don’t watch much TV. I want to, I love TV but most nights by the time the house is clean and the kids are down I’m shot. I wish we could talk about (insert your fav show here) but, I’m not that girl. I do watch every episode of The Soup and The kardashians, so feel free to judge just how I allocate my free time!

8. I talk about how much I work out, tweet about boot camp and my personal trainer (and his smoking hot bounce-a-quarter-off-me-please ass) But I don’t (yet) LOOK like I workout this much. It’s a process…..I’m still rather bottom heavy.

9. I’m really concerned about how my name tag may ruin the vibe of my outfit.

10. Sometimes I drink too much caffeine and my forehead and eyes really get the message. I look very surprised when this happens. Like I had reverse Botox and cannot relax… yeah, that’s just my face.

11. I live in Ohio, have been married for 9.5 years and have two kids. Nate 4, Ben 1. I’m going to miss the crap out of them.

12. I cannot wait to sleep in a bed all by myself. For TWO nights! Really, I’m looking very forward to this.

13. I used to have a bulldog name Bruno and he had a voice and likes and dislikes. Like, black t-shirts, cowboys and sharks. Dislikes, the UPS truck and chainsaws. He lived to be 10, this was “a thing”… so there’s a little peek into my crazy head.

Day after tomorrow! DAY AFTER TOMORROW!  I think I need a margarita primer….

12 thoughts on “13 Things

  1. I love this. I keep seeing your pins and thinking “who is this person?” I just put it together now that you are a Blatheringer as well as a dedicated pinner – which is important in life. Looking forward to meeting you.

  2. 1. ME TOO! I’m that kind of dork. You will not be alone.
    2. I will give you all my booze to drink. I want you to enjoy it for me. If you’re ever in “the family way” I promise to return the favor!

  3. I am SO bummed that I didn’t go. I am also a touchy drunk and I also assign voices to pets. My last dog, Murray, sounded like Eeyore.

    I can’t wait to hear about this weekend!

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