There is a huge pile of mail in front of me, a pair of socks on the dining room table next to a pile of crap. Laundry baskets are full of both clean and dirty laundry, dishes are in the sink, raisins on the floor. Ben is walking around in a onesie. I worked out this morning but havent showered yet.

Sometimes, and lately most times, it’s not important. I’ll clean up in a little bit and tomorrow the same messes will appear. And then I’ll do it again. Dishes, laundry, workout, cook, it all happens. Over and over and over.

I get up everyday with purpose. To do what I can. Somedays I surprise myself with how much I can, others, I do just what is needed. Both are good days.

I see the kids playing together and there is a wonderful non-leaking roof over our heads and a man who adores the ground we walk on working away from his desk to provide all of this for us and that is what matters.  This family. We  have what we need and lots of things we don’t.

I wasn’t sure that this would be the life for me. Staying home and raising kids, boys. I wanted to try it though, before I outsourced the job. A blessing, one I don’t take lightly. And it turns out this is the life for me. One that I am good at on days I allow myself to see that. That I take care of the boys (small and big) and myself and our home and I’m doing it all pretty well. Even if the dishes aren’t done until after dinner. We have dishes and food to serve on them and warm water in a tub with clean pj’s, books to read and beds to call our own. And it’s all so simple and when I stop and pay attention. It’s all I need.


3 thoughts on “Simple

  1. “We everything we need, and lots of things we don’t.”

    I just love this… what a great post. The good and the tough of every day, perfectly said.

  2. I have those same piles of crap that get taken care of …whenever. Youre right. Sometimes you just have to stop and pay attention to what is right and good with your life. I have those battles in my mind daily. I love your posts……and you.

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