Accent Vlog

Well, here I am, all up in your face!

If you sat there for all 10 minutes, thank you. Goodness I can talk…. So, what do you think, accent or not?



17 thoughts on “Accent Vlog

  1. I ONLY here the accent when you are talking about NC and a litte after you were done talking about NC it lingerd. Other then that- NOPE! It is gone. Took a couple years, but gone! 🙂 Although, a lot of people that we think have an accent, think our non accent… IS an accent and theres, is not… hmm… 🙂 Love you

  2. I’m so distracted by your cute bangs! And your nail color! You look awesome.

    Your voice sounds fairly neutral to me… but I don’t have a fantastic ear for that. I am amazed by how you can flip the “Southern” on and off!

  3. I love it! Your hair is also SO SO CUTE. You have a lovely southern accent. It’s not hick-y or weird it’s just soft and nice and like a movie.

  4. Like Leah said, you have a southern lite accent. Love it!

    I’m totally digging your hair. Smokin’ hot lady 🙂

    Was just in Cinci over the weekend and yeah, they have a smidge of an accent since it’s closer to Kentucky.

    Imma miss you at the blathering!

  5. First of all, you are the cutest thing ever!! EVER. And your hair is adorable…love the bangs. As for the accent, I can hear it a little when you’re just talking “normal”, and I could hear it in a couple of the trigger words (mayonnaise). Do the folks in Ohio have a midwest accent? Sort of like a toned-down North Dakota/Minnesota thing (think “Fargo”). I grew up in Washington state as well, and when I moved to Idaho people made note of how I said “lilac” (emphasis on the first syllable, not on the “ack”) and “bag” (apparently it sounds more like “beg”). Anyway, loved hearing/seeing you in action! Makes me so wish (again) that I was going to The Blathering…*cue tears*!!

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  7. I can’t really tell the accent until the last word of each sentence (When you are just talking). You draw it out like a true southern belle. I’m proud 🙂

  8. You look fantastic….I didnt even notice an accent. You just sounded like Christina to me. I miss you so much!!! ooxoxoxoxoxxoxox Love you

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