Forward Motion

Over the Labor Day weekend I had a girlfriend come visit. She’d lost a fair amount of weight since our last meeting and for the first time in a while, I was feeling inspired. I watched her pull up each meal on her phone to calculate her points, we talked about weight watchers and how often she works out and about what finally clicked and why now.

I’ve been open about the baby-weight. I gained 48 lbs with Ben and was 8 lbs over my Nate weight making for a 56 pound journey in front of me. The first 20 were gone two weeks after Ben was born and then I sat there for a while. I thought it would keep going down, it didn’t. My experience with Nate was totally different. Seemed all I had to do was nurse him and viola, thinner thighs than ever. Thinner than high school thighs! I’ll nurse him until he’s 16 for these thighs! (no, I weaned him at 15 months) With Ben it became clear that I was going to have to work.

I joined weight watchers in September, lost 15 lbs and then quit. I thought I could handle the rest on my own. I probably could have if I’d been getting any sleep and wasnt actively loosing my mind. I wasnt and I did. For the past several months I’ve given it many half-hearted attempts. A great week here and there. Before summer I was down to 137, I was getting there. Then we started traveling and I started weaning and here I am 5 lbs heavier at 142.  12 from my between kid weight 20 from my before.  (130 and 122)

All summer I promised myself that when Nate was in school things would change. It would be easier and I could force an actual routine on myself. It has been. He started on September 7th and I’ve been in the gym 4-5 days a week since. Not only that, I hired a personal trainer and started weekly boot camp.  I also take a spin class so that leaves me with 2 free days where I lift and run or take a random yoga class.

I feel amazing. A-May-Zing.  My head is clear, my energy is crazy-good and I feel well. Winning, right? Well not quite. Today is the 27th so I started this 3 weeks ago. I’ve lost exactly zero pounds and zero ounces. Color me pissed! I hop on the scale every couple of days and…. sad trombone. 142. Day after day after week after week. What The Fuck, Body?

Yesterday I got an email from Weight Watchers and just clicked thru and signed back up. I didn’t really even think about it I just did it. It would seem that being 34 means it’s going to take a lot more work that it did at 30. So fine. Counting points again it is. After talking about this with my trainer today he put me on the scale and then measured my fat. Down 1.5 % in 16 days. That felt so good! What I’m doing is working so adding the diet in should really help.

The previous roadblocks have been varied but they were all there. I finally feel ready, no, I finally know I am ready.  I am loving workout out this hard. Having someone force me to move past my comfort zone is where the results come from, and I’m not that good at it on my own. My shoelace slapping into my ankle has been enough of an excuse to stop running. I hired him to get the bs out of my head and to remind me how strong I am. And then to make my body look the same.

I’m full of endorphins and of promise and hot ham, I can almost see my hip bones!


3 thoughts on “Forward Motion

  1. OMG! Your shoelace slaps against your ankle too! That’s totally why I don’t work out. Well, it’s that and I hate working out. Honestly, I could give a rats ass about working out, but I love YOGA and walking. YOGA is so special, it gets all CAPS from this girl!

    Seriously, am totally glad you are feeling better. Exercise is good for you, good for everyone in your family – so keep up the good work! xo

  2. Hip bones? What are those?


    This is making me want to move my ass a little… I remember that AWESOME I CAN DO ANYTHING feeling! I want that too. Keep it up friend, you’re rocking it!

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