The saga of Barnacle Ben

Last week I received a message from my childhood best friend regarding the lack of sleeping going on in this place.
“Christina, I never had a reflux baby but it may be something worth exploring.” A lightbulb went off, one that was in the depths of my sleepy brain. Reflux. OMG, it could be a medical problem not one related to nursing. Maybe this is why he’s barnacle Ben? Maybe this is why this and this is why that and I Dr. Googled and found silent reflux and blammo. I called and made him the first available appointment.

Yesterday was that appointment and while neither the doctor or I am 100% that this is his issue she agreed that it would be worth a try. She told me that they would take a few days for it to really work so not to expect a huge improvement right away, give them a few days. What’s a few more days I thought, this has been going on for nearly 10 months.

Last night, after just two doses he slept. He went down at 8 woke to eat at 1 and 5 and was up at 8. That is the best night of sleep we have had in months. Months! And after just the first day. I hope to Jesus and Baby Jesus that this is it and that wasnt a fluke last night. I hope that in a few more days we are sleeping all night long and that I have a baby who doesn’t cry all the time and who can be put down, though I do love the moniker barnacle Ben, I’d like to have my left hip back. I’d like my dark circles to diminish, I’d like to be a better mom who enjoys her babies more, I’d like to enjoy everything more. I’d like to loose these last 8 lbs before the pool opens, I’d like, I’d like, I’d like. What I’d mostly like is a baby who is healthy, who sleeps and is strong enough to fight off illness and one who smiles and grows well. All of these things require sleep and damn if I’m not going to do anything I can to make sure he get its.


5 thoughts on “The saga of Barnacle Ben

  1. Oh wow! I hope that this is it. I know it’s been so hard on you. Ive been there. You get to a point where you think, “He’d better be glad he’s cute.” Im so excited for you. Please update tomorrow or something. I want to know how both of you are doing. oxoxo

  2. Oh, yes! The same thing happened to Katherine, but with really different symptoms. But we noticed a difference right away, so I am very hopeful it isn’t a fluke and you get some blasted sleep!

  3. Oh! I am SO HAPPY for you that there was that little bit of instant relief, even if you’re not yet entirely sure. Crossing my fingers that this is it for you guys and you are soon sleeping regularly again.

    Although… Barnacle Ben is a pretty awesome nickname. Sounds like a pirate. I vote you keep it even when the barnacle action ceases. 😉

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