Too tired to talk

You guys, the baby still doesn’t sleep. He will be 10 months next week and he is still up every 1-3 hours, all night, every night. I’m haggard.

I think about blogging several times per day. I miss it.  I have lots to share with you around the house, too.   I’ve never shared Ben’s room, Nate’s big boy room, our bedroom and bathroom are almost finished and so is the kid’s bath. This weekend we are getting new carpet in the basement, we have new furniture down there I’ve not shared.  Then there is the playroom. Basically, what I’m saying is I may not be sleeping but my house doesn’t show it. I have no idea how I’ve accomplished a damn thing to tell you the truth but I guess having projects help the time pass until I can lie down. I miss my bed, I miss sleeping in it. I spend most of the night in a rocking chair.

I’m trying to fix the baby. crying it out isn’t working for our situation. I did it with Nate when I took his paci away at 18 months but that was just at the initial put-down, it wasnt all night long. Ben’s issue is all night long. I just can’t force myself to watch the clock and go in at 5 min 10 min 20 min in the middle of the night when I can just pop a boob in the kids mouth and he’s out in 15. I just ordered the no cry sleep solution per my ped’s suggestion and a friend said she had great luck with the baby whisperer. something’s got to give. I need sleep.

My in-laws arrive this weekend and after that I think we are in the clear for a while with guests. I hope to be writing more regularly. Even if it’s just to talk about how tired I am because sometimes just writing about it can make me feel a little bit better.


3 thoughts on “Too tired to talk

  1. We had that problem with Toby, and it eased off at least when I simply stopped feeding him between 12 and 6am. I know how you feel, I kept putting it off. I’d think to myself every morning “This can’t go on, tonight I’ll go through with it”, and then it was 3am and I’d nurse him because I wanted to go back to sleep. Once I finally went through with it though, it was over in about 2 nights, and he reduced his night wakings to 1. Basicaaly, I went to him when he cried, but just cuddled him and rocked him. He screamed at first, but after about 20 mins he went to sleep. The next time it was only about 10 mins, and by the 2nd night he was going back off quickly. 3rd night he’d given up and just slept, at least for much longer stretches…
    Hang in there!

  2. Just sending internetty hugs… I really, REALLY hope that this passes quickly and that your doc has more answers for you. I can’t even imagine that level of tired.

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