The List

I have big plans for this year. I am hopeful that as Ben gets older I will start to recognize pockets of time where I can fit in the activities that I just can’t accomplish while he’s awake. Also, in the fall, Nate will start pre-school, I already envision getting my errands run while he’s there. Anyone with more than one kid will tell you that taking just one out of the equation makes the world of difference.  Anyway, here we go.

  • Run. I am starting from scratch here. It’s been so long that I am starting with Hal Higdon 5k program and then I will move on to the 10K.
  • Yoga 2x’ a week.
  • Loose the last 15 lbs using WW. I had a great 6 week run where I lost 10 lbs but then I fell face first off that infamous wagon.
  • Organize my recipes. I have YEARS of everyday food tear-outs in a plastic bag. I need to edit what I saved and then create a system.
  • organize my jewelry and scarfs. The push pins in my closet keep falling down, this is not a system.
  • Edit and organize the kids toys at the start of each season. Donate what they don’t use.
  • Create some sort of permanent system for the pantry. It is a hot mess and I have no idea where to start this.
  • Clean out the basement with Mike. I did this a few years ago with Oprah’s clean up your messy house but it’s totally out of control again.
  • Get the two extra strollers out of my trunk. MY WORD. Multiple times a week I swear into my trunk at the 3 strollers and how there’s no room in there. How hard is it to take them out? Hard, evidently.
  • Paint bedroom
  • Sew curtains for bedroom
  • Have wedding pictures printed and framed for bedroom
  • buy new shower curtain and paint master bath
  • Finish the playroom
  • decorate the family room
  • pay off my car
  • find the right school for Nate and not just the closest one
  • send thank you notes ( this is on my list every year and I still suck at it)
  • take Nate to story time – he LOVES it and we never go anymore.
  • Spend the entire summer at the pool.
  • wear a 2 piece with pride at the pool
  • have the windows washed
  • keep my car clean (omg, another one that I just cannot seem to do)
  • set up automatic payment for the bill I always forget about and pay over the phone the day its due for 7 additional bucks. (racket!)
  • get quotes for a fence
  • have our shower fixed (re-glaze tub and tile the walls, new faucet)paint vanity– new light
  • new upstairs hall lights
  • shoe organizer for Nate’s closet
  • one date night per month, even if we stay home, spend the evening together.
  • get rid of my corporate wardrobe. I don’t need it, I’ve not worn it in 4 years. It’s time to let it go.
  • paint kids bath- move in our bathroom accessories, have studio violet print framed, new light and paint vanity.
  • shelf useless closet in the playroom to store the ugly stuff.
  • make bunting for ben’s room
  • photo wall in upstairs hall
  • photo ledge in downstairs hall for art/photo/stuff collage.
  • put frost film on basement windows for privacy
  • find an attractive piece of furniture for our zillions of cd’s- (found!)
  • unsubscribe! unsubscribe! unsubscribe! my inbox is overrun with sales I don’t care about.
  • don’t buy one single book unless my library system doesn’t have it (kids excluded)
  • have the guts to ask the in-laws to stay with the kids overnight next time they are in town (IF the baby is weaned wont leave him until he is.
  • make Mike take me to something he’s not into. a movie, a concert, something. I spend my summers going to baseball games all over gods green earth but if I want to something he doesn’t love he tell me to call a girlfriend.
  • completely clean out the back flower bed and plant. Admit defeat and poison the raspberry bushes. I’ve spent year trying to get rid of them without chemicals and it isn’t working.
  • new front door hardware
  • have the front spigot put in so I don’t have to spend another summer watering all of my flowers with a gd pot. I need a hose!

 Just listing all of this feels so good. I hope to get it all done but there are a few that I’m a little iffy on. Things that are on the list every year like the bathrooms. But time will tell. I’ve that a serious itch to get busy purging and organizing. But first I’ve got to get the tree down.


4 thoughts on “The List

  1. Your list is awesome. I love reading these… they’re always so inspiring. Like the wedding photos one. I have still not ordered ONE enlargement from my wedding FIVE years ago. That one is going on my list, too.

    And the “unsubscribe” line? Pure genius. My inbox looks similar.

  2. Well, you know I love a good list. This one is particularly awesome! (Especially the one about the in-laws watching the kiddos overnight. You deserve that!)

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