The day pigs flew

If you’ve been reading for anytime at all you know that my bedroom makeover has been derailed about four times. We’ve been planning this since we moved in this house four years ago and stuff just kept happening that got in the way.

I thought I was destined to go into retirement with tv trays for night tables but no! No I will not. (oh, shut up, I’m a SAHM, I realize that I don’t “work” – lets not get technical) Today we ordered real furniture, made out of wood, for like, adults! Two dressers and two night tables. They will be here on Friday. Merry Christmas, indeed.

(we got a new couch for the basement, too. Bye-bye horrid floral!)


4 thoughts on “The day pigs flew

  1. Oh, I cannot wait to see your new bedroom. I am almost to the point of buying new bedding, and I am fraught. FRAUGHT, I tell you! Love, love, love that the pigs finally flew!

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