Babies Don’t Keep

I saw this today on another blog and it really resonated with me. It’s true and man, it hurts a little.


Ben is 6 months old already. Can you even believe that? I sure can’t. Nate is growing like a crazy little weed and man, it’s just flying.

I try to play trains with excitement and color and shape play doh and do the toddler games but it’s boring after a while and I’m so very-very tired. Oh, man, so tired it hurts but even so, I will never get today back. Ever. So I will play trains and walk laps around the train table until I drop if that’s what he wants because sadly,babies don’t keep.

When Ben is up in the middle of the night with teething pain and just wants me to hold him while he sucks on my shirt I will hold him close and smell him and relish in his weight and remember that this is fleeting.  And be glad and then so very sad because damnit, babies don’t keep.


3 thoughts on “Babies Don’t Keep

  1. Hola is 33 lbs now and I am afraid he will be a giant compared to butternut once he’s born. Of course, Rt was just as big when Hola came, as well. You would think I would be used to it by now. Not so!!

    Good for you for playing trains. I have a hard time getting down on the ground. And these days it’s not easy getting anywhere! hahha.

  2. Thank you for the reminder. I needed that, too. My baby is ten months old, and playing can definitely get a little dull, but it’s already a lot more fun than it was at six months.

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