Shutterfly is making it easy

Christmas is coming! Did you know? I’m so not on top of my game. The house is decorated and I’m stocked up on cider, hot cocoa and sugar cookies but the gift department is lacking. We are going to hit it this weekend, a sitter is lined up and we hope to knock it out in one trip. (OMG) I want to shop on-line for a lot but Mike is all about the madness of toy stores during the holidays. So, that’s where were at. But I have to argue on some things. I don’t want to go to 6 different shops for personalized gifts when I can get it all in one place without packing the kids up and heading into the cold. Also, he can’t argue when I give him my wish list and it’s all stuff he can order on-line. Uhh, you’re welcome! Am I right?

The photographer in our family always gives photo books to everyone from our big family vacation each summer. Hard bound with sweet and clever captions and most recently she included recipes.  You can go a simple route or full on digital scrapbook style.  One soft cover 5×7 book is just $11.04. You can get a totally personal gift on a really tight budget. What grandparent wouldn’t love that, $11 and done.

On my own wish list is their canvas art.

We had a family photo shoot last week and I am dying to have one made for our family room. One big black and white canvas on a brightly colored wall. One happy Mama.  Another is the pewter ornaments. I have some babies first Christmas ornaments but I don’t really love them. These have a super traditional look but are also a little unexpected. I can see a few of these working in seamlessly on my tree. One for each kid, Bruno and a few family ones. Perfect.

Finally, photo thank you cards. Because we live in Ohio and all of our gifts come from Washington we are big on written thank yous. In a perfect world we would all open our gifts together but we are really torn between having our own traditions and Christmas at home and traveling. So for now we stay home. I think that including a photo of the boys from Christmas morning in their jammies is a great touch. I would go with these ones.

Mike and I havent done photo Christmas cards before. I sort of wish we had and I could share just how much we’ve aged in 12 years and then blame it all on the kids. But getting cards is one of my favorite part of the holidays so I’m glad that we are joining in on the fun this year.

What about you guys, do you do personalized gifts? 

*this post is sponsored by Shutterfly. 


4 thoughts on “Shutterfly is making it easy

  1. Usually I do photo gifts for family members but this year has seen me around with my camera less than normal so I don’t know how that is going to play out, I guess we’ll see. I did order Christmas cards, albeit late.

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