I’ve got this, man.

It seems that we’ve passed a hump. Not the hump, I’m not new at this but a hump. The baby is sleeping. I am sleeping. I could end it with that and just start blogging again but that would be a super boring update. No?

I don’t know if it’s that he’s just getting older and has grown out of needing to eat all night (likely) or if it was the coffee and diet coke (also likely) but it’s better. Not better, it’s good.  He goes down around 7 and sleeps until 8, that’s am. 8 am! seriously. He went from eating every two hours to just not. He didn’t really wind down he just stopped. And it has been everything I ever dreamed it would be, or did dream, you know, before he was born. Back when I actually got to sleep.

This is not a small thing. I am such a better person, mom, wife, shit human being when I’m rested. I wake up in the morning and look at the clock and smile. Ahhh, another full night. I think its been going on long enough that we are done save for the regressions and growth spurts, which I can do, they wont last 5 months!

Life isn’t all roses, it’s still redonk how hard this is but at least I can deal without snapping and hating myself at the end of the day. Nate is not without his own brand of  soul sucking, either. He was a dream two year-old, a dream. My little sidekick who I wanted to be with all the time.  3 year-old Nate?  It’s like someone dropped him on his head. He is demanding and whiny and sometimes a little mean to both me and the baby. But not always, and when he is himself he is pure freaking sunshine. Like when he hears jingle bells at Target and stops and yells, “Check out my MOVES!” and starts to dance. But then in the same trip he decides to spit out an entire mouthful of juice and demand that he be taken home and have his shirt changed. To bad sucker, you’re wearing that shirt.

He is hard. He spits when he’s mad. Pretends he’s a dog all the time and barks and licks things, people. He intentionally pees himself when I put him in timeout.

He is easy. He says please and thank you and bless you and I love you and comes to us and asks for hugs. He eats well. He plays great with other kids. He loves to read. He plays independently which is so helpful.

I love him.  He is my favorite. He drives me freaking nuts.

Ben is getting a bit easier, too. He is content to swing for about 15 minutes at a time. He’s happy on a blanket with a few toys for a while. He’s able to be put down for longer periods. His naps are a little iffy. Last I wrote they were around 2o minutes to an hour. today he slept for three IN A ROW! Oh, it was lovely. He only poops every few days, those days are hard and fussy and sad. He’s cubby in all of those delicious baby chub places, he has Popeye forearms, rolls in his ankles and I have to moisturize his thigh rolls to prevent them from chafing. He’s becoming a really good baby. He cries when he wakes up but as soon as he sees me he smiles. He giggles and kicks his legs and just melts us all. He loves baths, his big brother, boobs and his blanket. He can’t take his eyes off Mike or the christmas lights. He is mellowing out. I already think he is me. I think I gave birth to my own personality. I’m a little afraid to find out but I also cant wait to.

I love him. He is my favorite. He makes me freaking nuts.

These boys are my life. The good, the bad, the ugly. But now that we are sleeping, I’ve got this.


4 thoughts on “I’ve got this, man.

  1. BOTH of my kids were great at 2 and horrible at 3. I hated 3 with both of them. And I went and had #2 when #1 was 3 1/2. ey yi yi. At least he was potty trained before I ever got pg with #2. I thought maybe it was just me being pregnant while #1 started into his 3 Hell. But nope, #2 went and showed me it’s just that – 3 Hell. Just repeat the Mommy Mantra and you’ll survive…. “This too shall pass. This will NOT last forever.”

  2. Awe Ben has changed so much since October. They are both growing up too fast. I must plan emergency trip to OHIO!

  3. Yeeesh, those two are CUTE together! Too cute to be allowed! I’m glad that the no-sleeping has passed, but man do I hear you on the three thing. We’re approaching 3 and some days I am positive that I’m seeing glimpses of it and it SCARES ME.

    But the cute, it’s their saving grace.

  4. I am with you! I get everything from my boys: good, bad and ugly. My boys are so close in age, so it seemed that the yucky periods lasted forever! Brody was miserable (and exactly like me), Evan was a love (and exactly like his dad). I thought 3 was bad, then 4 arrived and it sucked even worse. The thing is, it took 2 years for 4 to be over (because of the age difference with my boys). And just a note, 5 sucked worst of all!! I remember calling Brody’s kindergarten teacher and asking her how she dealt with Brody’s whining issue. To which she replied “Brody doesn’t whine. He expresses himself very well.” I think my head blew up that day.

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