So, I’m that mom

I fb’ed about how I’ve tunred into that mom,that I’m all crafty with my boy and that I’m sewing and all of this crap that I never would have thought was me. Turns out, I’ve grown and changed and I always freaked out about whether or not I could deal with not working, what would I do with myself all,day,long. I get bored so easily. So, here we are, I come up with stuff to do that Nate will like and it just snowballs, the more we do the more I want to do with him. And its great time together. 

When I was small we did this with my mom every fall so I did it will Nate. Stain glass windows. Fun, fast and almost free.

You’ll need


crayons -broken bits are perfect

wax paper

towels and an iron


Ta-da! Stained glass windows.


One thought on “So, I’m that mom

  1. Hiya! Great crafty crafts. Just a quick note to tell you that you have a world wide web friend here in C-bus with you. Found your blog through… well probably from another one of the kazillions of blogs I read. Loved catching up on your life in the burbs. Your kiddos are adorbs. Hope to have one of my own some day soon. Silly man wants to actually get married and stuff first so yeah…whatever.

    Anyways, cheers from fellow Cowtown girl.

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