Sometimes it just sucks

I had a day planned today that I was looking forward to. One I was sure Nate would enjoy,too. Bah.

It started at 5 am when I got up to get the babe who had woken up fussing despite the fact he’d just eaten at 3 so I brought him into bed with me to get a little more sleep. Nate started yelling about Jack and Diane not being on and Mommy come fix it. Jack and Diane is Renee and Jeremy and my stupid husband thinks it’s funny to teach him things wrong, I do not. Ahem. I ignore him because the kid knows how to turn on his cd player and its dark outside and he’s turned into such a demanding kid lately. Then his cries changed into his panic wail so I got up. Bloody nose. Really, really bloody. He runs into my room and hides while freaking out and I clam him down and get him cleaned up and into fresh clothes,tuck him into my bed next to Ben, turn on the TV and go start the laundry and make breakfast. It’s still dark out.

We have plans to go to the craft store and a quick stop at the grocery and then home for lunch, nap and then crafting. Except he didn’t nap because Ben was down and I thought we’d have some nice time just the two of us making our stuff and putting our spider webs up that he wanted. Boy was I wrong. He was in a craptastic mood.

I wanted it to be a good day- I made plans that I thought he’d enjoy and it sucked anyway. I got mad, he got mad. He hit me, he sat on his brother, he intentionally peed his pants when I put him in time out which resulted in him loosing his bike for the day which resulted in another meltdown and more hitting and oh,dear,gawd-it was only 4 pm why in the hell did I think skipping his nap was a good idea? 

It made me sad. I wanted to have a good day with my boy but damn if it didn’t work out. Maybe tomorrow. I can tell you one thing, there will be mandatory quite time. I don’t care if he sleeps but there will be quite time.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes it just sucks

  1. This happens to me periodically. It makes me sad too. I’m planning a nice girls day on Saturday. Keeping my fingers crossed. But you never know. At least, while our kids are this age, we know there will be lots of tomorrows.

  2. We have days like this. And they are no fun. Luckily there are other wonderful days – even ones you don’t think will be wonderful (due to no plans, etc).

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