The last quarter

The season is telling me that another year is winding down. This year has had its own theme, family. My word for the year is/was nurture and I think I’ve done and am doing a pretty good job keeping it in mind while taking care of myself and of those who live under this roof. I looked over my list of ideas for the year and it too is coming along okay though there are things there that were not accomplished and wont be, such as an overnight away with Mike. That was a pipe-dream anyway considering pregnancy and then nursing. Next year though, for sure, most likely in NYC.  
Anyway, as the season change and my feet are cold I’m thinking of small things to do to help me stick with my word and enjoy what is left.

Read 3 books. I’m currently reading The Help and have The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and a Jen Lancaster book I can’t remember the name of (with the leopard slippers on the cover, something about being Lazy) on my nightstand. I will read them all. Not a lofty goal but one that will keep my laptop closed in the evenings which is a good thing.

Read my magazines when they come. I have this habit of flipping through it first, tossing the inserts and folding down the pages of what to read and what to cook and then not getting back to them and they end up in the recycling bin. I need to read them on the first pass.

Keep my nails painted because it makes me happy.

Finish losing the baby weight. I’m doing well, making steady progress now I should be done by Christmas.

Find a new workout routine. I do better when I have some sort of program to follow rather than just hopping on the treadmill.

Make mulled cider.

Watch TV- y’all, I don’t watch any TV anymore. I’m either doing house work or on the computer at night. I miss curling up under my blanket on the couch and allowing myself to relax and be entertained.

Take a bath once per week. I LOVE to take baths but never do.  (maybe even get a bath rack so I can read in the tub)

Make Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews I really want to do this I must make the time. Each kid will get the same thing but it will be personalized, it wont be that hard just time-consuming. Me and my sewing machine. Another thing that makes me happy.

One day per week do exactly what Nate wants to do, be it play trains at home or go to the Zoo,anything he wants that’s reasonable.

Research holiday crafts to do with Nate. The kid loves to make stuff and I love us working together.

Experiment with some new vegetables. When my sisters were here they made parsnips and a cauliflower puree and I loved them both. I always make the same things and only steamed;asparagus, broccoli, green beans. Variety will be good.

It feels good to see this, to make promises to myself and to help prioritize my time. I spend way to much time with my blog roll and not enough enriching my life. Time I could be spending doing things in real life, not just from behind the glow of my laptop. Granted, I love the glow, I just need to cut back some.

How are you doing, are you taking care of you?


3 thoughts on “The last quarter

  1. I don’t think I am, enough. I am so worn down and frayed right now….this is when I start to get really antsy to bolt to a vacation or completely change something in my house to make me feel better.

    Vacation can’t really happen right now so I am looking hard at painting my master bath.

    Do you like brussel sprouts? A lot of people don’t but I love them roasted with balsamic vinegar, kosher salt, cracked black pepper and then if you want to send it over the top some fresh grated parmesan over it. SO YUM!

  2. I’m not, but I’m trying. I don’t ever make lists or goals, I just kind of go about life and hope everything I think I want to do happens. Maybe I’ll take your lead and come up with a few things to accomplish before the end of the year…

  3. Try roasting all of the green veggies you mentioned above. 400 degree oven, olive oil, salt, pepper on cookie sheet. Tastes FABULOUS!! I’ll never go back to steaming veggies again!

    Good for you for getting it all down. I need to do something like that, or just do the things I have swirling in my head.

    It’s been a big year. Getting anything accomplished outside of the norm is impressive!

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