I’m stuck. For a while I was keeping up with my projects and my ideas were flowing and all was right in my crazy little world and then it stopped. I have pillows I’ve started weeks ago and just dropped. The basement has a gorgeous pile of what will be a playroom for the boys full of unfinished projects. I have tons of supplies and none of the results.

I hate that.

My sister in-laws are coming next week and my book tells me I am to be done with 2 pillows in Nate’s room and 2 in Ben’s. I have some pictures that need adjusting in Nate’s room, I need to move out his desk and in his little chair and I seriously doubt it will get done. The desk out and the chair in, maybe. The pillows, HA! Not a chance in hell.

Sometimes I think there isn’t enough room in my head. I started on operation fat ass (OFA) about the same time I lost interest in all of my house projects. It’s as if I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. I need to cram in a workout here and there, I can’t find time or room to sew too. It makes sense but I hate it. I hate that everything takes 10 times longer to finish with the baby but it does.

Mike and I were cleaning up after getting the kids down recently and I was whining about how I’d taken a shower and an hour and a half later was still wearing a towel because the baby woke up and needed to be fed and then Nate had to pee and the phone rang and I found myself making dinner IN A TOWEL and didn’t even realize it and eventually gave up and tossed on a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt and put my wet hair in a pony tail. Life is long these days. Really long. (as are my sentences, apparently) It seems like even the simplest of tasks go unfinished.  Long live craft time and time for a blow out.

I know it is temporary, the craft fallout, the bad hair and yoga pants. I really feel that Ben has come leaps and bounds in the past few weeks and save for the regressions and teething we have beat the infancy stage. HOLLA!  But also weep, my baby is growing. My last baby. Thank god, but wait not so fast!

Next up, tighter abs, awesome throw pillows and nail polish.  I truly can’t wait.


5 thoughts on “Stalled

  1. It’s so cruel, how you need the infant stage to pass so life can become normal and you can feel normal but then the itty-bitty baby is gone and how did that happen?

    From my own (much different, I know) experience I can say that the crazy, confused thoughts are normal.

    And you are a rockstar, today, always.

  2. I relate to the can’t walk and chew gum at the same time thing and I don’t even have A child! What’s my excuse? Ha!

    I get analysis paralysis. I think of all there is to do on my list and what each item involves. I get overwhelmed and, therefore, don’t budge. Why tackle that beast when I could be watching Dexter on Netflix?

    Hang in, you’ll get to it all when you get to it. (Do as I say, not as I do.)

  3. I’m also a very good project starter…not so much a project finisher 😦 but that happens all the time with me (and no kids, either). when all else fails, just stack the unfinished projects neatly and hide them in a closet until your guests are gone!

  4. I have stalled on my OFA. It stalled when Landyn started school. I need to clean out drawers and closets to put away clothes that the girls have outgrown. Gracie misses Landyn madly during the day and she is right up under me. It makes it tough in some ways. I do recall the newborn stage and having a toddler under foot. It certainly can test you. It is temporary, but dang it effects you mentally too. I laughed when I read the part about still in a towel 1.5 hours post shower. I was there, and it wasnt that long ago. Hang in there, I know if I can make it….then you sure as heck can make it.

    Oh, I painted my toes Sunday morning and I was thinking of you. hahahaha

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