I’m better now.  Everything is better now. Really. I can’t remember the last time Nate made eye contact with me and peed on the floor (shit,that was a blast!) Ben is doing well in his swing and is generally in better spirits. I am getting more sleep for now and yesterday I actually ran, took a shower, cooked dinner, washed laundry and got all of my maternity clothes packed away to donate all in the same day.  Better.

We’ve been insanely busy. I feel like since having the first and especially the second we pack our weekends with stuff to do. Mike’s never been a homebody like I am and with a rambunctious tot in the house we want to get him out, wear his ass out and put him down for a nap. That’s really exactly how it sounds, we like his naps, a lot, but we also love the process of wearing him out. The kid is a blast to play with. Our weekends are spent out going going and going and oh, my, word, it wears me out too and if there’s anything I love more than both of my kids napping simultaneously, it’s me joining in! Naps, they are delicious.

I’ve been on the wagon now for going on 3 weeks and so far I’ve lost 3 weeks. Okay, not really, I just think I’m funny. I’ve dropped some weight but not enough, of course. I bought a dress for my gf’s wedding and it’s a tad tight, okay, it doesn’t fit but hot damn it is cute. I’ve got 5 weeks. I just cant get the exercise in consistently.  I ran yesterday and today my tail bone is screaming for mercy and then there are days where I am lucky to brush my teeth much less shower so fitting in a workout is not happening. I am staying focused, I have too that damn dress doesn’t fit.

I’m going to the dr for my tail bone and am scheduling my time a little better from here on out to keep myself on the list. I hope it works cause I really do want to wear that dress…..

(I know this was a bunch of nothing but sometimes I need to do this to get back into the swing after a break- otherwise I wont know where to start and more time will pass- so sorry and thanks)

3 thoughts on “Better

  1. Welcome back! Kudos to you on the running… it’s tough to get back in that routine, for sure, and I can’t imagine with two kiddos.

    I’m sure you’ll be looking amazing in the dress!

  2. I am glad things are going a little better (although your next post says they are still a little off). I have weeks were I am good and dot he things I want (i.e. house cleaning). And then other weeks I am a total slacker. Hopefully as our kids get older, things will get easier!

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