Not enough

My cousin had a post on Facebook this morning which stirred up some feelings for me. Not new ones which you know if you’ve been reading me for a while.

 I have carried a child within my body. I have nourished and comforted a baby upon my chest. My body is not perfect, but when I look in the mirror I am happy because I see a mother, and there is no greater honor or blessing. Make this your status if you’re proud to be a mother

Now, let me start with yes, I am proud of my body.  I am blessed that it served me so well, creating and carrying two healthy and thriving boys. I am blessed with the ability to breast feed for as long as I desire. 

But this is crap to me. Not the ability to create human life but to shake off my appearance and push aside how I really wish to look.  To shrug my shoulders and say “Ehh, its good enough IM A MOM!”  FTN!  I am a Mom and while I am one who is struggling within my head right now, I have no desire to be looked at as a mother.  “She looks good for a Mom.”  No.  I will look good, period.  Why do people say that?  It’s a backhanded compliment, no?  I am a woman; “Mother” is one of my hats, not my identity.

I won’t stop trying to be healthy, physically or mentally.  I won’t ever be less than I can be just because I am a Mom.  I will do the opposite, I will strive to be my absolute best because I am a Mother, because I deserve it but most of all, because my children deserve it, too.

End Rant.


6 thoughts on “Not enough

  1. I need to look good – to feel good. Does that make sense? You know I had my boys back to back – I was miserable after I delivered Evan. It took lots of time (and a surgery) to get back to (better than) normal. I am finally at a point where I am happy with my body (my youngest is 6.5). I now watch how healthy the food is that I feed my family and I watch what I put into my mouth. I want to be healthy and I’m fine with a few stretch marks. But I will NOT be complacent about health and fitness – just because I am a mom.

    This facebook post is exactly what is wrong with women today. Being complacent about health and fitness because society allows it and accepts it – the same society that talks about you behind your back and publishes magazines with size 0 women on the cover. Just because you can wear sweatpants in public does NOT mean you should. ya know?

  2. Another AMEN! I feel exactly the same. I have a 4-yr old and a 9-mo old, and when I mention that I still don’t fit into my old jeans because I still need to lose the last 10lb of baby weight, people say, “Why? You have two kids, and you look great! Just go buy some new jeans.” But I refuse to use my kids as an excuse to be as healthy and fit as I know I HAVE been and CAN be again. It’s not about feeling pressured to be “thin,” it’s about being at a healthy weight for my own body, and about feeling good because I take care of myself and because I DO care. Yeah, I have kids, but I also want to live to be a healthy, active grandma someday too! 🙂

  3. This was posted as a few of my friends’ statuses too, and I had the same reaction. Like, really? That’s all? Okay then. I want more too… I’m thankful to my body for carrying my daughter, but I’m also thankful when I can actually run around after my daughter and feel fit, you know?

    Meh. I think it was supposed to be inspiring, but totally missed the mark for me.

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