The second half

I have been looking at my calendar for the rest of 2010 and even if this baby magically starts sleeping I still don’t think I’m going to get any sleep.  I cannot believe how much we have going on, the alternate title for this post? 101 reason to drop the baby weight.  Here it is, I doubt you’re interested but I need to see it all mapped out but without dates or it would just scream, hey we are out-of-town, please take my TiVo (do the kids still say out-of-town?) (I refuse to say vacay!)


Mikes parents visit

Trip to Sandusky Kalahari Resort

Apts- Me: Dentist- Haircut

Ben: 8 week check up


Cj visits

Dad visits

Mike’s Birthday

Apts- Me: Haircut


Nate’s Birthday & Party

Shelley, Becky and Clara visit

Trip to the Outerbanks- Ashley’s wedding


Apts- Nate and Ben’s well kid/baby checkups

Me: Haircut


Kay, Dan and kids here the week of thanksgiving


Apts- Me: Haircut


Our 12th (dating) anniversary


The End.

Maybe you have a super hopping social calender but I do not.  Mine usually has haircuts and bill reminders, not multiple things per month.  Or visitors or trips.  Just as I thought I was at the finish line, the baby is here and the list of to-do’s before he arrived are done, now I have started planning a 3rd Birthday party, I’m booking tickets for North Carolina, and on, and on, and on.  The good is these lists keep me from having endless family day’s in bed where we color and read and watch YouTube videos of trains and bulldozers. Also good, my house is looking really great as a result. My big project that I want to complete by October is the kid’s (cat) bathroom.  The plan has been done for over a year, it’s time to get it done.

This is a lot.  Lots of fun, work, money and I cannot be fat!  I will need new things to wear and swimsuits for next weekend and pedi’s and wheeeeee! It’s going to be 2011 before I know it.


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