Who’s the trainee

It’s been2.5 weeks since Nate woke up and answered yes to a question I’d been asking him for months.

“How about we wear big-boy underwear today?” “OKAY!” and that was that. It was on.

I was so happy, so excited, so proud! Maybe he’d be trained by 3, oh this will be wonderful.

Wonderful my ass.  That first week was hard,y’all.  I decided to set the timer for 15 minutes until he got the hang of it.  It is not enjoyable to hear a timer every 15 minutes and try to nurse a baby who takes all the live long day to get it done. I was constantly upsetting his meals and as the days went on and I thought he could hold it I was cleaning up random puddles with an infant attached to me at the chest. Rad.

But he’s doing it, or we are I don’t know but he’s wearing underwear and wants out of his “sleepytime underwear” pull-ups the second he is up in the morning. “Diapers are for Baby Ben, I wear big-boy underwear!” 

I think I can say, or I hope anyway that it was the hardest week with two. Ben’s getting better about needing constant human contact now but in that first week I had to have him either in my arms or strapped to me. Let me say I didn’t loose as much weight as I deserved that week.  I don’t imagine training is ever easy but doing it in the week that your then 5 week old baby wont sleep or let you put him down to use the bathroom yourself is not the most ideal time try something that you have no idea how to do that also involves a tiny persons bladder, copious amounts of paper towels, a steam mop and this is the best part, tiny toddler sized boxer briefs.

But here we are the kid is potty trained.  He does great when we are out of the house, LOVES a urinal and even poops in public.

God help me, I got a hair cut so I don’t look as much like a mom but here I am blogging about poop. Oy! Whatever, I survived and now have just one kid in diapers. Go me.


4 thoughts on “Who’s the trainee

  1. Go YOU!!! And GO NATE! It has got to be doubly hard while having a parasite (sorry Ben… no offense little man.. Auntie LOVES YOU!)

  2. Toddler sized boxer briefs? Love it!

    I am so impressed you potty trained + newborned at the same time. You are superwoman to me 🙂


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