It started out so well

It was the second really hard night this week. The kind where the baby eats and you put him in the crib and tip-toe out of the room, collapse into bed, take a deep breath and Whaaaa! Rinse, repeat for 3 hours before you finally say F it and take him to the basement to sleep on your chest in hopes of a little rest, it’s 4 am and at 6 your husband will be down to workout and wake you and the baby will want to eat again and by the time he’s done the big kid will be up wanting to watch that damned “racing dog” show for the 43987 time with juice on his picnic blanket and probably pancakes, too. because pancakes is exactly what you’ re up for.

Wait, this isn’t meshing well with the title.  It started out so well considering I’ve not slept well.  I got the both kids fed dressed and ready to go, I forgot to eat but that’s been happening a lot in the morning. We are out of the house at 9:15, not bad.  I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket so we did a little shopping and the kids were perfect, I felt good being out of the house thought it turns out I not only didn’t eat but I also forgot to brush my teeth. But still a score since we were out and I found exactly what I wanted plus scored a huge bonus on a garden stool for 75% off.

We were home by 11 and we all had lunch and I got out some stuff to work on so the house quickly became a hot mess. I wanted to do some hole filling and touch up painting in the kitchen and hang the new pieces I had just picked up. I put Nate down, nursed the parana again and tried to get to work but then it hit.  That brick wall that somehow finds you, no forward motion needed.

I grabbed the bird and headed up to take a nap but it turned out Nate wasnt very tired so I slept for about 40 minutes which somehow made it worse. Like a little nap tease, hahah- not so fast. Get up, your house is a mess and the big kid wants, wants, wants, now!now!NOW!  I’m like a zombie but without the energy to keep my arms out in front of me or to lock my knees. But I keep moving forward, filling juice cups and nursing and holy crap I’m so tired and not feeling really well and wait, did I eat yet today?  So I get out the trail mix, dump it on the counter and pick out the M&M’s becuase thats a good idea.

So, yeah- today is hard and the thing is, I’m not in a bad mood I’m just worn the heck out- I’m hoping to all sorts of things that tonight I get a little more sleep. And, that my husband doesn’t run when he gets home and see’s that I’ve swept up a broken cup with chex mix into a pile and never got around to the dust pan part of the job.

I’m just up to my ass in reality around here is all I’m saying.


6 thoughts on “It started out so well

  1. Didn’t you say your due date was tomorrow? Sounds like the little one is waking up a little more now that the “should have still been in your belly” time is now up.

    I have no idea, but it happened to my girlfriend with her boy being 4 weeks early. By week 4, he was less sleepy and was a new baby!

    I HOPE you can get some good sleep asap. What you describe above sounds EXACTLY how it was when #2 was first born. You’re still doing GREAT even if the pile of dirt is still there. 🙂

  2. Oh my lord. I am tired dealing with two annoying as hell dogs that kept me up until three am and then started barking at me at 8. I don’t think I could handle what you are going through.


  3. Dude, I’m in awe. You’re making it all happen… This sounds so incredibly busy and exhausting. Here’s hoping to all things along with you that sleep comes for you soon.

  4. OY! For me… can you please put aside the house chores. Take care of yourself, sleep – eat regularly – drink lots of water. How are you going to take care of the bambinos if you aren’t well? hmmm?? ok… I’ll stop now because I promised myself I wasn’t going to lecture. 🙂

  5. You? Are kicking ass and taking names. MEN CAN’T DO WHAT YOU DO. You are doing it all, juggling it with insane finesse, and looking damn fine doing it.

    Go take a nap.

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