The new do

Okay, you asked for it. I tried to capture the layers but they are mostly toward the back. It’s an asymmetrical cut that goes to a long layered bob which is really hard to see.


I love it, it feels a little more edgy and less like the mother of 2 which I felt my old do did. I looked too soft and flowy, this is better.  It feels better too, getting it off my neck was such a good idea, this summer has started off so hot!


7 thoughts on “The new do

  1. Cute!! I got a HORRID, TERRIBLE HAIRCUT a month post-partum with Syd and it took me a year to grow out. I’m pretty sure the stylist and I did not speak the same language. I cried a lot. And I broke up with her.
    But you! You’re adorable!! 🙂

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