Mind the Gap

As you well know I’ve been really spotty with my posting for months. No one hates this more than I do, trust me.  Now that Ben is here and most of my major projects are complete I hope to be here more often.  For a bit I missed it here, then I didn’t and now I do again.  So, here are some of our happenings while I was slacking off in blogland.

  • I feel totally cheated out of pregnancy. Granted, I was miserable with the heat and my broken tailbone and was a joy to be around.  Ben is my last baby and while I was uncomfortable I wasnt emotionally ready to let him go. I still enjoyed every second of our evening routine of watch the baby kick stuff off my belly. I mostly love pregnancy, I really feel like I missed out.  I mean, he’s not even due until Thursday and yet he is one month old today. It makes me a little sad, though, not sad enough to do it again.
  • Ben was born on the 12th; on the 16th Bruno died making that week the most emotional of my life. Ben’s arrival was stressful to say the least and to come home from the hospital and loose our first baby was horrible.  It happened so fast.  Mike took him out and he got sick. When they got back inside Mike went to clean off his rear end and instantly noticed he felt cold. His tongue, gums and eyes had lost all color and were grey.  He took him to the vet immediately and he died within minutes of arriving. (it’s about a 3 minute drive) His stomach twisted and took his heart and lungs with it. Nothing could be done to save him. We were and are devastated. Bruno was our baby, Nate’s buddy. He was 10 years old and I miss him everyday. So does Nate. “Mama, where’s Kokes?” “Nate, you know where he is.”  “Still up in the sky, Mama?” “Yes, baby.” “He’s happy there playing with his friends.”  Cue tears.
  • I “only” gained 40 lbs with Ben compared to the 52 with Nate though I’m not an idiot, had I made it to term that would have added a good 5+ lbs.  I’ve dropped 22 in 4 weeks which is good but I’m really annoyed with what is left. I’m not allowed to workout for a while yet because of my tailbone but am allowed to walk. I have a goal date of October 16th-my friends wedding. I will be in my pre baby size by then. Prepare for stories of success followed by brownie laden falls from the proverbial wagon.
  • I recently introduced Nate to stamps and he loves them.  We have a set of transportation ones, trains, bulldozers, helicopters and the like with ink, this will keep him busy for a good 20 minutes, unless I have to use the bathroom, god forbid I go without a guest.
  • I went through a quarter-life-chrisis last weekend and got a new hair do- it’s fantastic.  I went to my girl and asked her to take the Mom out of my do- and boy did she.  I have full bangs and  cut with a ton of layers, totally different from anything I’ve had before. I love it.
  • Our next set of visitors to meet  Ben are arriving week after next; my new due date for my “before Ben” list. Little stinker, I had a lot to accomplish in those 5 weeks. Much is done but I have a few fun projects left which I can’t wait to do.  If I can get more than a few hours of sleep per night I may just get them done.
  • Nate’s still not potty trained. This is driving me crazy. I’ve backed off (again) but I really hope he is ready soon. 2 in diapers is as fun as it sounds.

I’m sure there is much more but this is what I can remember at the moment.


7 thoughts on “Mind the Gap

  1. Just a quick word on potty training boys – they are lazy and generally get trained late. I was 18 months and completely potty trained, the boys were 3.5 and 4 – and still wearing a pull up. Be patient and have him go pee with Mike (all the time)… or stick some cheerios in the potty and make it into a game. In other words, don’t stress yourself out!! Love ya!

  2. I can’t imagine having a baby that early!! 40 weeks and 40 weeks, 3 days over here! You are doing SWIMMINGLY considering all that was thrown at you in such a small amount of time. Good for YOU!!!

    Rt was potty trained a few months before 3, but that’s just because brother was on his way and I had the time for it. I did all the things you’ve heard to do, m & m’s, etc, but we put the small potty in the room we were in, the den, and tried to give him the authority. Taking him every 15 minutes pissed him off and didn’t work. He went by himself when I wasn’t looking. Sticker charts with a prize at the end of 7 stickers worked once we got going.

    Glad you are back!!

  3. I’m so sorry about Bruno! *HUG* I am still mourning the loss of my Izzy last year.

    I broke my tail bone once, ugh, it so suck! Feel better soon!

  4. Yes, where are the hair pictures?? Also, where are the kid pictures?? I thought that was a blog requirement after someone had a baby. I need the cuteness!!

  5. So sad about your Bruno… went through the same recently so I know how that feels, right down to the kiddo asking where he’s gone. Hugs all around.

    I can’t wait to hear the birth story. I’m so glad that everyone is well and happy and healthy despite the early arrival.

    And potty training? Ha ha ha. You let me know if you figure that out, and then Maddie and I will come and let you train us BOTH.

    Can’t wait to see hair pics – love that you told her to “get the mom out!”

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