A little peek

We had one hell of a productive weekend!  My to-do lists are suddenly manageable and I’m calmer now that I can see some progress.

The guest room is empty and the closet has just the baby’s belongings and some of my room supplies.  The closet is painted and tomorrow I will put the second coat up in the rest of the room. Our room has a new bed (old- the guest room bed) and all of the excess no longer needed furniture has either been moved into storage for other uses or is ready to be hauled away.  Nate’s furniture and mattress are in the den and his closet houses all of his new linens. It is all finally happening.

Next weekend we will do Nate’s room. I can’t wait but I’m also a bit worried about him in the new bed. Will he get up a trillion times or just go to sleep? Yeah, I’m not so sure I’m ready, his nap time is how I keep the house clean and hang on to my sanity. We’ll see.

Anyway, since it’s a little slow going I wont be able to share completed rooms for a while so today I offer you this.  Yesterday Carrie and I covered two plain beige lamp shades.  This is just one of the fabrics that will be in the bedding.  It was a little time-consuming and I was a total chicken, thankfully Carrie made me do a lot of the work so I know what I’m doing the next time.  But, it wasn’t hard.  I think I hate plain lamp shades now.  I mean look at what you can do in a couple of hours? You can get a little peek at the wall color too. I’m so excited for this nursery; I swear I’d do this for a living if I could.


4 thoughts on “A little peek

  1. So cute! I love it and can’t wait to see more. I’m glad that the giant to-do list is dwindling. What a great feeling that is!

  2. Don’t worry too much about moving Nate to the big bed, we were SOOOOO worried about it and I probably wouldn’t have moved Jillian when we did but one day I went to lunch with my dad and we walked into a mattress store and he got her a double bed (what was I going to do, say no?). Jillian has just turned two and she LOVED it and went right to bed! I think he will suprise you and might even sleep better in the big bed!

  3. AJU5 took a little bit to get used to the big girl bed. But, we still had (have) the crib in the same room. So, if she got out 3 times, she had to sleep in the crib. Eventually she got it. Then she decided to be more difficult, and we have had to resort to closing her door. But, witht he door closed, she has no issues.

    Good luck!

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