Pink or Blue?

Well, you all voted and it was a tie!  We had a few outside sources but still, it was a pretty even split.

I’ve said before that when I was expecting the first time I wanted a boy, so much so I was terrified of the baby actually being a girl.  Seriously, I would have been devastated, which I know, that sounds horrible but it what it is.

Growing up I had a great Mom; I was so enamored with her it was all I wanted to be when I grew up (that and a fashion model- oy vey!) I played Mommy with my dolls and then to my three younger sisters. I know what being a girl and what taking care of them is all about. And let me tell you, we, we are a handful! We are sassy and mean all wrapped up in pigtails and tights.  But oh, pigtails and tights! 

I worried about my daughter being me at my worst, which is, what they promise, you know. And man, I was a hard teenager. Can I do that? Can I deal with me? Will I have to take her phone out of her room and her door off the hinges? Can I find a balance and raise her to be strong and opinionated but not a bitch? Such a fine line. Will I drop dead when she emerges from her room with her freshly cut off jean shorts with virtually no inseem with the pockets hanging longer than the shorts? Oh, so much to think about with girls and we’ve not really even hit on the fact that they have a reproductive system.   All this aside, I am fully warmed up to the idea. I don’t know if I can do it but I’m not afraid any longer. I started picking up dresses almost longingly.

Boys, well boys just seem a little more simple.  Or maybe it’s that I just know too much about girls, yeah, that’s probably more like it. But still, boys don’t get my heart rate going the same way.  Not to mention, I have one and he is incredible and absolutely the main source of joy in my life.  No tights or pigtails needed.

So, here we are, number two dubbed Olive.  

We probed Nate along the ride.  “Baby Sister or Baby Brother?”  “Sistah!!” he answered a bit exhausted as if to say, “seriously, you’re still asking me this question?”  I explained to Mike that I felt like this was it,after this appointment he would no longer be my baby.  He’d instantly morph into a big brother as soon as Olive took on a real live identity.

Trucks and Dirt- Pigtails and Tights? 

This pregnancy has been harder.  I was much more sick, I took naps nearly every day and up to 3 hours each, my skin is worse than it’s ever been in my entire life. I ate a steak. You probably have to know me to understand the gravity of that last one.  “They” say every pregnancy is different but also that the baby’s sex changes each experience.  This weekend I noticed that I’m carrying a little higher than I did with Nate. 

I was nearly shaking waiting the 30 ridiculous minutes for the OB to come in and get things started.  “Are we “looking” or do you want to keep it a surprise?”  “LOOKING! LOOKING!”  “Okay, then, let’s see what we have here.”

Looks like the only tights I’ll have to worry about will be on my son’s dates. It’s a boy.

We are thrilled.  No tights or pigtails needed.


16 thoughts on “Pink or Blue?

  1. I was right! I am so excited for you! Little boys are the best. (of course you already know that but, well, I had to say it again anyway.)

  2. Congratulations!
    And those gender things -I am not sure about them. They say girls give you more morning sickness, etc, but I had it worse with my boy than with my girl. I think having a little one at home just makes everything harder because the first trimester is no longer about you just surviving – you also have to care for your other child. Hopefully your third trimester will be easy on you!


    Oh, I am so excited for your family… I can’t WAIT to see Nate with his BRUDDA.

    (I am just imagining him saying it that way, I can’t explain why).

    I am SQUEE’ing over here!!

  4. Congratulations — they will be BFF’s and think of how much stuff you get to re-use. You are one lucky mama!! 🙂


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