Let’s take a vote, shall we?

You guys, YOU GUYS!  I’m half way there. 20 weeks today, can I get a WHOOT WHOOT!  thanks.

Monday is the “big one” the show me what you’ve got ultrasound and I am going crazy waiting. 

I’ve always seen myself the mom of boys.  When I’d picture the future it’s just always been that way.  I did have a few girl dreams in the very beginning of this pregnancy but once I had the first peak at Olive at my first appointment that went away, I’ve since only had one baby dream and it was a boy.  Just one.  Odd to me since I had lots of headless boy baby dreams before I knew it was Nate, always a boy, never a face.  This time, nothing.  I have no intuition or feeling whatsoever. I awoke one morning and thought “it’s another boy, of course it is.”  But, honestly?  I have NO IDEA!  Nate is sure it’s a “sistah” and that’s about as strong as an opinion as we’ve got to date.  As long as I’m being honest, let me say I think I will be a touch sad either way. If it’s a girl I will be sad that Nate wont ever have a brother. If it’s a girl I’ll be a little sad I wont ever have a daughter. That being said, I just wanted another person to come live with us and which ever part he or she has is so damn welcome that at the end of the day it totally doesn’t matter.

So, tell me!  What do you think? I’ll share after we call our people Monday evening – can’t have the real life people reading it here first.


11 thoughts on “Let’s take a vote, shall we?

  1. I had the same feelings when it was time for the US for Gracie. But, you are correct…at the end of the day, it doesnt matter. Healthy was the only preference I had. It’s so exciting. I had absolutely no idea or intuition with Gracie’s pregnancy either. Just go in there and pretend it’s Christmas. haha Congrats on the half way point!! xoxo

  2. Congrats on halfway! Either way you know you’re going to have to incorporate “Olive” in the name, right? Oliver, Olivia…

  3. Hmmm…. I don’t know. With AJU5, we thought she was a boy. With AJU6, we just assumed another girl so we didn’t get our hopes up. So, needless to say I am not a good guesser. But, I will go with GIRL just to vote – because one of each is fun!

  4. I’m calling GIRL! I have been since the beginning, and when you named the in-utero-version of your baby Olive I knew I was RIGHT.

    (Of course I have every right to retract this if I’m wrong come Monday).

    Hooray for halfway! So excited for your family. Good luck and have fun on Monday!

  5. I thought girl at the beginning but ODDLY did the same thing a few weeks ago: no, it’s a boy, of course it’s a boy. I CANNOT WAIT EITHER WAY.

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