Me lately

  • Am feeling really great mentally; maybe as well as I’ve ever been.
  • Am needing exercise and rest which is a hard balance to strike.
  • Rest has won to date
  • Am working on it.
  • Am eating a metric ton of summer fruit.
  • Am spending an ass-load on said fruit
  • Been feeling Olive move a few times per day.
  • It’s even better than I remembered.
  • consequently, I am counting down to the 20 week ultrasound!
  • I still have no feeling about the gender.*
  • Am having hip and tail bone issues again- considering a chiropractor over physical therapy as last time it seemed to make things worse.
  • I’m no longer sick as long as I keep tabs on my eating, nothing too heavy or greasy, not much dairy.
  • I have a headache all day, everyday.  They let up for 3 days but are back.  I wake up with one, go to bed with a worse one. Tylenol works as well as tic tacks when you are in pain.
  • I have no interest in Ice Cream or chocolate.  This is strange.
  • I got some new maternity clothes last week, I feel like a new woman.
  • I also went to the eye dr and am wearing contacts again after 2 months without them.  This is a very good thing.
  • Am not sure why I’ve been so absent here.  I’m feeling well apart from the headaches, am not overly busy, have a list of things to write about but for whatever reason I haven’t been in the mood to write about it.
  • I need to get my closet organized.
  • Am ready for spring.
  • I want to plant flowers and some vegetables.
  • I want to open the windows and feel a warm breeze.
  • Am not rushing winter though, summer means it’s almost baby time.
  • I’m eating Nate with a spoon, scratch that, with my hands!
  • Am thinking that #2 is coming at the perfect time, my little sidekick and I are a little too attached to each other.
  • Am going to Chicago in a few weeks.  My first time away from the boys.  I can’t wait though I am sure I will miss them.
  • Melt every night when rocking Nate after stories he lifts my shirt, rests his hand on the “baby-baby” and says hello while patting, gives it a kiss, covers it back up and says “nigh-night, baby, sleep tight.”
  • Hope I can do this.
  • I worry about the sleep and being a good mom to a 3 year old when I’m running on empty.
  • Have been spending a lot of time coaching a potty trainer, we are moving in a positive direction but taking it super slow.  (he goes every single time!)
  • Wish I could sleep for more than 2 hours at a time.  I am having the most vivid, bizarre dreams.   That and having to use the bathroom 3 or so times per night, I’m feeling a tad slow.

 *Nate is positive it’s a girl/ baby sista.


4 thoughts on “Me lately

  1. First, it sounds like Olive is already preparing you for when he/she arrives by making you wake up every few hours at night. If you can do it now with the headaches, you should be fine once he/she is on the outside! At least for the first two months, it isn’t that bad having two!

    And yay for success at potty training. I have about given up over here because a certain 2 year old won’t even sit on the potty without screaming!

  2. I’m ready for spring too. My Burpee catalog arrived and now I’m impatient.

    Rock on with the potty deal! Madeline is showing some interest, but doesn’t really want to sit there. Sounds like you guys will have it perfect soon!

    I’m with Nate on the baby sista. (SO cute!) 🙂

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